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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 11% of the American population lives in poverty. Many people cannot afford basic necessities, like healthy food, health care, and housing. Obviously, steady employment is essential for breaking the bonds of poverty, but there are many reasons people may have trouble finding employment. 

Dr. Craig Maki, Chief Strategy Officer at Provisio explains that the challenges are multi-faceted in low-income communities. First, an individual needs to be physically and mentally well enough to become employed, maintain employment, and interact in a job. If there are jobs available, employees need the skills and education to perform successfully. And you must take into consideration the high costs of transportation and childcare for those who are able to work. None of these issues are isolated ones, and workforce development programs must take all of these factors into consideration to best support their clients. 

ICD’S Data Transformation

Workforce development programs can have a major influence in their communities, helping individuals learn new skills, prepare for the workforce, and to find and keep jobs. While technology will not fix all the challenges these programs face, it can certainly help organizations manage client data,  improve processes, and report outcomes more easily.  ICD Institute for Career Development, a New York based nonprofit, is an organization that has been transforming lives for over one hundred years. They turned to Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud Case Management to get a holistic view of their clients. 

You can read about their Salesforce implementation here: ICD Success Story

Provisio’s Workforce Development CAUSE Solution

Provisio can offer other workforce development programs a customized Salesforce-based solution to help you meet their specific needs. Our solution allows programs to:

  • Foster Employer Relationships
  • Maintain a job bank
  • Manage employment placement
  • Perform retention checks
  • Handle related placements
  • Manage job orders


Join our Summer Camp!

This summer, Provisio Partners is offering a series of webinars called Cause Solution Camp. Please join us for a live demo to learn how your organization might benefit from our Workforce Development CAUSE solution. The session on July 27th will include a demo of our solution and a Q&A session at the end of the event. 

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