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Customizing Salesforce technology and cloud solutions to meet the specialized needs of health and human service organizations

Provisio is the largest dedicated Salesforce consultancy solely focused on supporting health and human services. We are experts in aligning Salesforce solutions to deliver maximum value, quickly realize return on investment, and measure impact to your clients.

  • Up-to-date and in-depth insights to address health and human services organizations’ needs and emerging challenges
  • Custom implementation ensuring client satisfaction across a suite of Salesforce solutions from early deployment through end-user mentoring

Provisio Partners has:


Salesforce certified staff


Certifications across the Salesforce ecosystem

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We are experts in the following Salesforce cloud offerings:

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Salesforce’s NPSP is the leading industry-standard application for nonprofits. It is the foundation that empowers nonprofits of any size to run their organizations better and engage more deeply with your constituents.

Public Sector Solutions (PSS)

Transform delivery of public services with flexible, secure tools. Improve user experience while streamlining processes. Turn data into insights for more efficient operations and improved constituent outcomes with PSS.

Nonprofit Cloud (NPC)

For case managers, keeping up with countless administrative tasks and paperwork can be difficult. To keep your clients’ needs central, you can now manage a large caseload while personalizing your delivered care with Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud Case Management.

Experience Cloud

Built on Salesforce Customer360, Experience Cloud is a highly customizable digital engagement platform that allows human services organizations to connect with employees, partners, and your constituents.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud provides human-centric support anytime and anywhere. Whether you run an emergency helpline or a call center, Service Cloud lets you respond quickly - no matter the time or location.

Health Cloud

Seamlessly connect care teams to a 360-degree view of every patient on a single, HIPAA-compliant platform. Transform your call center, quickly connect patients to care, and act on social determinants of health to improve outcomes.

Marketing Cloud

Create impactful campaigns. Engage with your customers in new ways with relevant messaging by connecting all your data. Use Pardot to automate your email marketing and allow your organization to engage with prospective donors, volunteers, and constituents. ​

Field Service

Improve the safety and agility of your field service. Provide virtual support, prioritize essential jobs, increase team efficiencies, and gain real-time visibility into your operations.

Success Story

The Institute for Career Development (ICD) in New York City had a legacy system that hindered, rather than helped, the organization. Remote access limitations hampered staff collaboration on client support, and siloed data streams challenged ICD’s impact reporting and decision-making. Provisio Partners implemented Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud Case Management that provided dramatic improvements throughout the organization from streamlined billing to remote staff collaboration and more easily tracked performance metrics to benefit reporting and programming. These improvements are translating to an estimated $500,000 in expected reclaimed revenue.