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The New York Times warns that shelters across the country are reporting a surge in people looking for help with wait lists “double or tripling in recent months.” Inflation is making the issue worse: rent has increased at its fastest rate since 1986 making housing out of reach for many Americans.

Living in the streets, people are exposed to more crime, violence, and bad weather, including extreme heat. They can lose their job in the chaos of homelessness, and they often struggle to find another one without access to the internet or a mailing address. “America’s Homelessness Crisis is Getting Worse”

Lopez, German, New York Times, July 15, 2022

Provisio is proud to partner with Shelter and Housing organizations who support the unhoused and provide services to them during their darkest times. Provisio works exclusively with human services organizations, understands their unique challenges, and has developed functionality within Salesforce to improve user experience and reduce instances of trauma for individuals seeking services

Salesforce Helps Deliver Trauma-Informed Services

Our scalable solutions work well for nonprofits of any size and can meaningfully improve your team’s ability to support individuals and families when they need it the most. Read more about trauma-informed care here: Use Salesforce to Deliver Trauma-Informed Services

“Our housing cause area solution will allow you to not only track numbers of units, beds and families served, but also allow you to tell your organizations larger impact in helping people stabilize their housing situation”

Valerie Rogers, Senior Solutions Engineer at Provisio Partners

With Provisio’s Housing and Shelter & Bed Management CAUSE solutions, you can:


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