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ICD – Institute for Career Development in New York City Flourishes with Salesforce Case Management

About Institute for Career Development – New York, New York

Institute for Career Development (ICD) is a nonprofit workforce development organization located in New York City. ICD’s mission is to empower youth and adults with disabilities to prosper and thrive through advocacy, career training, and employment services. Founded in 1917, ICD is the oldest organization in NYC focused exclusively on a cross-disability population and has proudly served overa quarter of a million people with every type of disability, including physical, ambulatory, learning, developmental, mental health, and more.

Each year, ICD serves over 1,000 individuals with disabilities who face barriers and challenges to seeking and sustaining employment. They provide vocational assessments, career planning services, industry-specific job skills training programs that lead to in-demand certifications, internships, and job placement services to youth and adults with disabilities throughout all five boroughs of New York City.


Addressing a Growing Need

The labor market is constantly shifting, and as the need for certified, skilled employees grows, the services ICD offers the New York community become even more crucial. To ensure participants experience seamless services and ICD staff operate as efficiently as possible, Diosdado (Dio) Gica, Organizational Co-Lead and Chief Operating Officer for ICD, knew it was time to make a move to a cloud-based solution. The ideal solution would provide one data source in a secure platform, enabling staff to focus more on client support. Their legacy solution was making it increasingly more difficult to manage client data and track program and service coordination to ensure ICD received proper funding to continue reaching individuals with disabilities and supporting them on their journey to career-level employment.

Lack of Coordinated Care and Billing

Funding for ICD is dependent in part on the effective and timely billing of services in a set period of time for each client. The ICD team did not have the most efficient way to monitor client progress and report on performance metrics due to disparate data sources, including Excel, Access, and paper, in an environment that limited remote access and collaboration on client support. These limitations made it challenging for ICD to ensure they were billing accurately and receiving full reimbursement for services rendered. Additionally, their ability to report on the impact they were having within their community was hampered.

One Central Solution with Any Time, Anywhere Access

To address these challenges, ICD set a goal of establishing a “functional program database” that would meet the following needs:

  • Transition programs and services from a paper-based function to a strictly online, outcomes-based process
  • Allow for Quality Assurance to more efficiently monitor progress and report on key targets and performance metrics
  • Streamline and improve billing with a single track from receipts and services rendered to reimbursement submission


To help accomplish their goal and meet their needs, ICD implemented Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Case Management (NCCM) built on the Salesforce Platform. Complete with personalized case plans for better client and program tracking; workflow automations to streamline critical processes; robust reporting capabilities to prove impact; and the ability to securely capture data from anytime, anywhere, Salesforce NCCM provided the perfect solution for ICD to meet their needs now and in the future.

Journey from Implementation to Training to Adoption

Once ICD solidified the right platform to serve their clients more effectively and efficiently, the focus moved to ensure a smooth migration, with comprehensive training and adoption support for their staff. This is when ICD engaged with Provisio Partners.

Provisio Partners started working with ICD in May of 2021 after their initial implementation of Salesforce NCCM. After collaborating with the ICD team, Provisio conducted 20 hours of extensive LIVE training with 30 staff members, including executive leadership. Live training was crucial for ICD since most of the team was new to Salesforce. Provisio and ICD worked together by moving slowly and adapting training styles to ensure everyone at ICD felt comfortable using their new system.

Impact Measurements Due to Implementation

  • Up to $500,000 in expected reclaimed revenue due to enhanced services tracking
  • Specifically, the ability to automate the tracking of job retention up to 90 days post-placement (which is a crucial metric in the workforce field)
  • Most importantly, as an outcomes-based organization, we can better track the impact of our services on each client over time


ICD went live with their new database in August 2021. With the support of ICD’s leadership, the team has successfully adopted Salesforce NCCM and is already starting to see results in operational efficiency, streamlined processes, and accurate billing. ICD is confident they have the right solution and support to accomplish their mission of helping youth and adults with disabilities to transform their lives through employment. In addition, they have a solid foundation in place to build and scale up to broaden their reach and impact.


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