Provisio Leadership

Travis Bloomfield

Managing Partner &
Chief Executive Officer
Travis is a prior military executive who began his professional career as an air traffic controller in the United States Air Force. At his core, Travis is a lifelong learner and consultant with an enthusiastic approach to addressing challenges in our communities through creative solutions that connect the Public sector and Nonprofits related to Human Services.

Erica Cox

Managing Partner &
Chief Innovation Officer
Erica works with organizations to build a vision of the possible on the Salesforce platform. She has architected solutions for dozens of human services organizations across many program areas. She earned a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of IL, has experience with numerous technology platforms, is a certified Application Architect, and is 10x Salesforce certified.

Frank DiBartolomeo

Chief Financial Officer
Frank is responsible for overseeing Provisio's fiscal functions and developing and evaluating strategic initiatives. He is an experienced strategist with a passion for growing businesses and challenging the status quo. He has 17 years of combined experience leading both nonprofit and private organizations to successful growth through strategic business innovation.

Kim Collins

Chief Delivery Officer
Kim has over 15 years of experience leading teams within the Public and Nonprofit sectors to achieve results through continuous innovation, organizational growth, and outcomes measurement. Kim is a driver of strategy and is passionate about human service policy and the role that data can play in driving long-term change. Kim loves working as a Thought Partner with organizations nationwide to determine how they can leverage Salesforce to serve their constituents best.

Pete DuCharme

Chief Growth Officer
Pete has over 10 years of consulting experience. His role is to assess clients’ needs and utilize our technology solutions to enable human service organizations to better serve their constituents. Pete was originally exposed to Salesforce during an implementation with his employer and fell in love with the power of Salesforce!

Craig Maki

Chief Strategy Officer
Craig is passionate about working at the intersection of social work and technology to help those in need - the discovery of transformational impact. Craig’s hope is to bring more dignity, honor, and respect to the way we serve people. He is an experienced social worker who started his career working in residential care, substance treatment, and schools, and most recently served as CEO at a large multi-ethnic/multi-program human services organization in Chicago.

Rayshaun Cleveland

Chief Technology Officer
Rayshaun has over 20 years of career-based technology work experience in public and private sector startups, SMEs, and large enterprises. He brings software development and engineering, business process expertise, senior thought and strategic leadership, innovation, enterprise architecture, strategic product management, security analysis, and industry best practices to all clients and customers.

Julie Simpson

Chief Advisory Services Officer
Julie is a transformational leader and change agent distinguished in her ability to connect complex ideas with seemingly unrelated parts and order them in ways that help a wide range of stakeholders with diverse goals get on the same page. Julie’s field-tested expertise in community partnership-building, youth development, network and coalition strengthening, and cultural policy has helped numerous organizations develop and implement strategic plans, design new business models, and evaluate programs.

Jessica Langelaan

VP of Client Services, Nonprofit
Jessica leads the nonprofit Salesforce consultancy, collaborating with sales, advisory, and technical teams to deliver impactful solutions for Social Sector organizations. With a decade-long tenure at Salesforce and Traction on Demand, she spearheaded a premier Nonprofit practice, leveraging Salesforce and cloud-based technology to drive transformation.

Carleton Nolan

VP of Client Services, Public Sector

Julie Strand

VP of Nonprofit Growth & Partnerships
Julie has over 10 years of sales and business development experience focused on the nonprofit sector. Julie previously worked at where she specialized in working with Human Service and International Development organizations. Julie is passionate about ensuring nonprofit organizations have the right technology and resources in place to help drive donation growth, manage programs efficiently, and accomplish their missions.

Sam Stoterau

Director of Delivery
Sam has over 10 years of diverse training experiences with public sector enterprises. Her work history includes curriculum development, education, and training execution. She most enjoys driving others to experience those aha moments – the moments that allow constituents to understand their greater impact due to the transformative nature of Provisio’s Salesforce technologies.

Rebbeca Beers

Director of Public Sector Growth
Rebbeca has over 20 years of experience in communications, marketing, customer service, and client relationship management.  Rebbeca has extensive experience with Public Sector clients. Rebbeca serves as a Director, Solution Architect, and Account/Project Manager for the Provisio Public Sector team. She is x14 Salesforce certified and holds an MBA from Walsh College.

Felicia Fron

Director of People Operations

Madison Bloomfield

Director of Marketing
Madison is passionate about sharing the stories of impactful organizations truly making a change in the communities they serve. She is a results-driven and high-energy marketing professional with a knack for applying creative insight and perceptive thinking to solve problems. Her role is focused on marketing strategy, campaign management, and cross-team collaboration.