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Safe & Sound: Making Data-Informed Decisions through Salesforce Solutions

Safe & Sound is a San Francisco-based child advocacy organization that partners with local nonprofits to develop approaches to prevent child abuse and reduce its devastating impact. For nearly fifty years, they have worked diligently with their communities through advocacy, collaboration with government and community organizations to support vulnerable families with evidence-informed services, educate children and train adults to understand and report abuse and strengthen the abuse response system. 

They use data as their guide to review their progress, understand their successes so they can repeat them, and continually improve their services. Safe & Sound partnered with Provisio to implement Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud to help them better track their efforts and make data-informed programmatic decisions.  

Prior to using Salesforce, Safe & Sound managed multiple lists and files, which made it difficult to report on their true case count. Through Salesforce, they can create Case Load records to track a person’s start and end date, and track multiple services for individuals and families, such as parenting classes or playroom services. Staff now have access to each other’s caseloads, so they can view all the clients and the services that were provided. Salesforce also allows privacy options, so therapy services can only be viewed by therapists.

Through this data collection, Safe & Sound can better determine how many touches they need with an individual or family to stabilize their situation by providing concrete supports like food, hygiene, and rental assistance; creating virtual and socially-distant connections to ease isolation; and supporting wellness with services that nurture resilience.

Safe & Sound needed an easier way to enroll parents in classes.

Another component of this implementation was building online class enrollment for Safe & Sound. Parents can now go to Safe & Sound’s website to sign up for a parenting class. The system allows two parents to be tracked separately during the online class sign up so that Safe & Sound staff can sign up the parents to two separate classes held simultaneously. Before this online sign-up was created, Safe & Sound had to do this work in a spreadsheet, so this solution simplifies and automates this process. 

Tableau dashboards allow Safe & Sound to visualize their data.

Safe & Sound has been collecting data through Salesforce since 2020. The next evolution of the project was for Provisio to build Tableau dashboards, so Safe & Sound can visualize certain data points, like how many services they provide each year. And, of those services, how many are unique individuals? Is it one person utilizing 50 services per year, or one person taking one class? With these data points, it will help Safe & Sound make programmatic, funding, and recruitment decisions.

There are also program-level dashboards giving Safe & Sound quick access to how many intakes they have per week or how many minutes of service they provide to more effectively manage staff time. Visualization of their data allows them to make informed decisions so they can help as many families as possible and better serve their communities.

“Working with Provisio is generally the best part of my day. They’ve helped our organization improve immeasurably in our data systems, and allowed us to plan for the future in a way we haven’t before. The competence of their project managers cannot be overstated. They put their best efforts into the work and relationship–all you have to do is show up and authentically tell your story and needs, and they’ll do amazing work to find you the best solutions.” Tom Benson, Data and Evaluation Manager, Safe & Sound




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