The Power of EHR and CRM Integration

You need your EHR for client treatment and billing, but we would like to offer some advice: there are some things you cannot – or should not – do with your EHR. That is not to say that you should replace your EHR. What we would like you to consider is pairing your EHR with a CRM, depending upon the types of services your organization offers.

Why Consider a CRM

Does your organization offer services alongside your behavioral health programs? For example, do you provide behavioral health services, plus workforce development, early childhood, or housing services? If you offer an array of social services, a CRM can provide significant value for you. While an EHR captures clinical data, such as diagnoses, it is not designed to provide case management like a CRM does. 

The Power of a CRM and EHR Integration

If you integrate an EHR with a CRM, like Salesforce, you can collect all of your data in one place with a centralized intake process. A client will only have to tell their story once, without having to repeat trauma, helping to bring dignity into the conversations as you collect data. Your staff will understand the broader context of your client’s experiences because they can access the same information, which also allows them to collaborate more effectively. 

By integrating your EHR with a CRM, you will see a fuller view of your client, including all the services they are receiving and who is providing support. You can link the client to their family members to ensure you are meeting the needs of the entire family. Salesforce even has a streamlined process for determining clients’ eligibility for other services. 

One of the major benefits of a CRM is that it can provide you with other important non-medical information, such as bed capacity, the need for more staff, or an inventory of supplies. You can read more about how and why some of Provisio’s clients collect data in Salesforce here

Reporting Benefits

If you put all of your data into one system (have we mentioned we recommend Salesforce?) and integrate that system with your EHR, you can easily pull that data into reports. Reports can be set up on a recurring basis, so you won’t have to recreate them or manipulate any data. Both the quality of data and your efficiency will improve. Read here how Provisio helped Pacific Clinics integrate their EHR with Salesforce leading to lower costs, improved team wellness, and a better client experience. 

Accessible Client Service Options

Provisio can also help you set up client portals to improve your client outreach and engagement. These portals allow clients to sign required documents, upload documentation, and get support from case workers. Some of our clients also create Volunteer portals, so volunteers can view calendars, sign up for volunteer opportunities, and update their contact information. User-friendly websites like these improve relationships and save your staff time.

You can even have a mobile-app solution customized for your organization. Click here to read how one nonprofit created a branded mobile solution to better serve their clients. 

Get in Touch

If you are interested in learning whether integrating your EHR with Salesforce can help your organization improve client outcomes, we would love to talk to you. Contact us to start the conversation!  

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