80 Hours to 15 Minutes, How Automation Improves Client Service Delivery, Pacific Clinics

How Automation Helps Pacific Clinics Improve Client Service

Pacific Clinics is California’s largest community-based nonprofit provider of behavioral and mental health services and supports. Their incredible team of more than 2,000 employees speak 22 languages and are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of individuals and families through culturally-responsive, trauma-informed, research-based services for individuals and families from birth to older adults. 


The Great Data Challenge

One of the many services Pacific Clinics provides is Enhanced Care Management where a team of System Navigators contact individuals who may need their help navigating the California healthcare system to coordinate their care. Health plans send Pacific Clinics thousands of contacts through spreadsheets. Here is a partial example of a file for just one member. 

There are almost 14 million Medi-cal beneficiaries in California, and Pacific Clinics wants to help as many members as possible. As one can imagine, System Navigators would spend weeks sorting and entering this type of client data into their EHR system.  The processing time was 80 hours per month for a single health plan, consuming staff time and detracting from their ability to provide services

Aside from having to manually download each file, there is no easy way to identify new members, files frequently contain outdated information, and the format varies by Health Plan. 


Mulesoft to the Rescue

Provisio worked closely with Pacific Clinics to configure an integration with the Mulesoft platform. Mulesoft consumes files and transforms data to consistent values where possible. The files are pulled directly into Service Cloud. What previously took weeks of manual entry is now an overnight automated process. 

Once new patients are enrolled, Mulesoft creates new patient records in Pacific Clinic’s EHR  and consolidates billing information. Also, patient outreach is improved because Service Cloud paired with Salesforce Voice and Amazon Connect allows System Navigators to easily manage and track outbound calls.


The Impact: Going from 80 Hours to 15 Minutes


Reduced Costs

  • Automation = efficient process and reduced human error
  • Minimize overhead hiring for manual process
  • Maximize documentation of billable activities

Improved Team Wellness

  • Decrease mundane tasks = increased capacity for service delivery 
  • Mission-driven staff can focus on service delivery, increasing staff retention

Better Client Experience

  • Improved Access
  • Multiple channels to connect
  • Full view of the members across all programs and staff

Ultimately, a more efficient system will lead to improved health outcomes.  Pacific Clinics is looking forward to analyzing their data to better understand the different segments, such as demographic variables, utilization, and level of care,  so they can design more effective services for the people they serve. 

“Pacific Clinics evaluates organizations who are willing to be our business partners in achieving our mission. It has been such a pleasure to work with Provisio. After almost two years of partnership, we are proud to have them as part of the Pacific Clinics family.”

Dr. Eleanor Castillo-Sumi, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Innovation and Growth

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