Easterseals Redwood case study.

Easterseals Redwood: Tailored Solutions for Complex Data Needs

For more than 100 years, Easterseals Redwood has proudly advanced 100% equity, access and workforce inclusion for children and adults with disabilities, people facing economic disadvantages, and veterans.

Each year, Easterseals Redwood serves over 7,000 individuals through dozens of programs and services in Ohio and Northern Kentucky, each with its own unique data collection and complex reporting requirements. With demand for programs growing each year, the Agency made the decision in 2022 to invest heavily in overhauling its Salesforce systems architecture – seeking an integrated solution that would enhance, yet simplify data collection, leverage real-time and predictive analytics to better inform business decisions, and deploy the latest in cloud-based tools and automations that reduce the administrative burden on staff.

After deciding on the Nonprofit Case Management platform and vetting multiple customization partners, Easterseals Redwood chose Provisio because of its reputation as an expert in both Salesforce Case Management and in working with nonprofits and human services delivery partners.

As part of the overhaul process, Provisio collaborated closely with the Easterseals Redwood team, conducting onsite discovery to understand pain points and devise tailored solutions to meet their complex data, fiscal reporting and case management needs.

At Easterseals Redwood, we had major challenges and ambitions with this project. We needed a collaborative solution that would do several things simultaneously; transform our sales-heavy platform to a client-centric case management system, overhaul our User Interface to best serve the needs of staff, and migrate thousands of records worth of data over to a new system without interrupting our day to day business operations.” Fearghal Reid, Director of Business Intelligence, Easterseals Redwood

Together, Easterseals Redwood and Provisio have worked to customize Salesforce Case Management specifically for the Agency: overhauling the system’s previous architecture, streamlining processes and deploying automations that allow the agency to capture, conceptualize and visualize actionable data that better serves their clients and stakeholder needs.

“Working with Provisio has been a true partnership. It’s not just their technical expertise that has been invaluable, but just as importantly, it’s their investment in what we are trying to achieve,” stated Reid. “It feels like they care about where we’ve come from, how far we want to go and what they can do to get us there.”


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