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Welcome to Provisio Partners, your trusted Salesforce EHR integration experts. As healthcare evolves, the need for efficient, patient-centered solutions has never been more critical. That’s where Salesforce EHR integration steps in, revolutionizing the way healthcare providers engage with patients, transform their experiences, and manage data seamlessly. With our profound industry knowledge and a well-established track record of seamless Salesforce integrations, we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to supporting non-profit organizations in streamlining their operations and fulfilling their missions by harnessing the capabilities of Salesforce technology. Discover the transformative potential of our customized solutions for your operations.

Nonprofit organization receiving Salesforce EHR integration services.

Salesforce EHR Integration: By the Numbers

The statistics speak for themselves. Salesforce EHR integration enhances healthcare organizations’ capabilities significantly:

  • 30% increase in patient engagement and satisfaction.
  • 20% reduction in administrative costs. 
  • 25% increase in treatment adherence and better outcomes.
  • 15% risk reduction from enhanced data security and compliance.

(Sources: McKinsey & Company, Health Affairs,

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Provisio Partners: Specializing in Salesforce EHR Integration

At Provisio Partners, we are the largest dedicated Salesforce consultancy with a single focus on Health and Human Services. Our specialized insight and solutions are designed to ensure smooth Salesforce EHR integration and efficient operations that support your unique challenges, needs, and opportunities. Our team comprises seasoned Salesforce architects and experts who understand how to tailor and customize Salesforce CRM and products to align perfectly with your specific needs. With a profound expertise in Salesforce EHR integration, we’ll help you seamlessly bridge the gap between your data and Salesforce, empowering your organization to deliver exceptional patient care and streamline processes.

Provisio Partners has:


Salesforce certified staff


Certifications across the Salesforce ecosystem

API Integration Platform We Partner With

At the core of our Salesforce EHR Integration services is a robust API integration platform.

MuleSoft: Bridging Salesforce EHR with Healthcare Data

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform streamlines Salesforce integration by offering robust API management, diverse connectors, data transformation tools, real-time synchronization, and scalability. It’s ideal for automating complex workflows and ensuring secure, efficient data exchange.

Key Points of Salesforce EHR Integration 

Our Salesforce EHR Integration services are designed to streamline organizational operations. Here’s how we can assist:

Data Integration

Our team seamlessly integrates data from various sources, including electronic health records, billing systems, and patient management platforms, into Salesforce. This ensures that you have a 360-degree view of your patients, leading to a more informed and personalized client care approach.

Improved Care Coordination

We enhance care coordination by ensuring that all members of your team have access to the same client information. This streamlines communication and team collaboration leading to more effective and coordinated client care.

CRM Person Record

Personalized Care Plans

Salesforce EHR integration enables the creation of personalized care plans. By analyzing client data and health (or background) history, we help you develop individualized care plans that cater to the specific needs and preferences of each client, fostering a holistic-care approach.

Analytics & Reporting

We provide robust analytics and reporting features, allowing you to gain insights into client outcomes, treatment efficacy, and operational performance. This data-driven approach helps you continuously improve your services and adapt to changing client needs.

Salesforce EHR Integration: The Process

Our Salesforce EHR integration process follows a strategic path to success. We understand that your organization’s needs are unique. Here’s a step-by-step overview of how we make it happen:

1. Assessment & Planning

We begin by thoroughly assessing your specific needs and challenges, creating a tailored integration plan.

2. Data Integration

Our experts ensure seamless data integration across your healthcare systems.

3. Customization

We customize Salesforce solutions to match your unique requirements.

4. Testing & Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing guarantees that the integrated systems work seamlessly.

5. Deployment

We deploy the Salesforce EHR integration, ensuring minimal disruption to your workflow.

6. Training & Support

Your team receives comprehensive training and ongoing support.

Addressing the Pain Points of EHR Integration

Our team of experts is committed to addressing the pain points associated with Salesforce EHR integration, ensuring a seamless and efficient healthcare data management system for your organization.

Interoperability Challenges

The integration of EHR systems with Salesforce often faces interoperability challenges. We bridge the gap between these two systems, enabling the smooth exchange of crucial healthcare data. We ensure your systems speak the same language, reducing bottlenecks in data sharing.

Data Security & Compliance

Our integration services are designed with strict adherence to industry standards and regulations, ensuring that your client’s sensitive information is safeguarded at all times.

Workflow Disruption

Integrating EHR with Salesforce can disrupt established workflows. Our team at Provisio is adept at creating integration strategies that minimize workflow interruptions, allowing your team to focus on client care rather than system complexities.

Data Accuracy & Quality

Inaccurate or inconsistent data can lead to errors and misinformed decisions. Our integration solutions guarantee data accuracy and quality, enabling your organization to make critical decisions based on reliable information.

Cost Control & ROI

We recognize the importance of controlling costs while realizing a return on investment. Provisio’s expertise ensures that your Salesforce EHR integration project is not only cost-effective but also provides a substantial return on your investment over time.

Why Choose Provisio for EHR Integration?

Choosing Provisio Partners for Salesforce EHR Integration is choosing excellence. Here’s why we stand out:

Experienced Team

Our team members hold years of experience working within the health and human services sector. We intimately understand the challenges your organization faces, ensuring your success.

Full Lifecycle Services

We provide end-to-end services, from advisory and implementation to data integration and ongoing support. 

Specialization in Health & Human Services

We are the only Salesforce implementation partner specialized in serving health and human services, making us the ideal partner for your healthcare organization.

Salesforce EHR Integration Success Story: Pacific Clinics

Pacific Clinics, a prominent provider of behavioral and mental health services in California, faced a significant challenge with their data management processes. They grappled with the arduous task of processing client information received from health plans in various formats, which necessitated time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry. This inefficient workflow not only drained valuable staff hours but also hindered their ability to provide exceptional client services.

Our team here at Provisio Partners played a pivotal role in reshaping Pacific Clinics’ operational landscape. Through our EHR integration services, we revolutionized their data processing, reducing an 80-hour monthly task to a mere 15 minutes. This dramatic reduction in manual labor hours led to substantial cost savings, a significant decrease in errors, and, most importantly, a boost to staff well-being as they were freed from repetitive data entry tasks. As a direct consequence, Pacific Clinics could now channel their energies towards service delivery, thereby enhancing the overall client experience.

Pacific Clinics logo
Pacific Clinics case study.

With newfound efficiency and a comprehensive view of their clients, Pacific Clinics stands poised to harness the power of data analytics. This strategic advantage allows them to craft more targeted and effective services for the individuals and families under their care, promising improved health outcomes and cementing their reputation as a leading force in behavioral and mental health services. The success story of Pacific Clinics serves as a compelling testament to the transformative potential of technology in optimizing operations and ultimately advancing the well-being of the communities they serve.

Beyond Salesforce EHR Integration

In addition to our Salesforce solutions, we offer a range of complementary services:

CAUSE Solutions

Our CAUSE solutions provide holistic support for healthcare organizations, addressing critical areas of concern. With CAUSE Solutions, we go beyond integration to help you optimize clinical and administrative processes, ensuring efficient healthcare delivery.

Data & Analytics

Leverage the power of data with our data and analytics services, unlocking valuable insights for better decision-making. Our data and analytics solutions allow you to harness the full potential of your data, enabling evidence-based decision-making, quality improvement, and cost savings.

Managed Services

Let us take care of the ongoing management and support for your Salesforce EHR integration, so you can focus on what matters most – providing exceptional healthcare services. Our managed services ensure that your Salesforce EHR system runs smoothly, remains up-to-date, and provides continuous support for your healthcare operations.

Explore Salesforce EHR Integration Solutions at Provisio

If you’re ready to elevate your healthcare organization through Salesforce EHR integration, contact Provisio Partners today. We’re here to empower you with cutting-edge solutions that enhance client experiences, improve data management, and drive success in the dynamic world of health and human services.


EHR integration stands for Electronic Health Record integration, which involves connecting and synchronizing electronic health records with various healthcare systems and applications. It’s important because it streamlines data access, enhances patient care, and reduces administrative burdens.

EHR integration can be done with various systems, including practice management software, lab systems, radiology systems, pharmacy systems, billing software, and more.

The timeframe can vary based on the complexity of your organization’s systems. We work with you to create a project plan and timeline that suits your specific needs and goals.

Salesforce EHR Integration streamlines billing and revenue cycle management by ensuring accurate and up-to-date client data, reducing billing errors, and speeding up payment processing.