Transform Your Business with a Branded Mobile Solution

Hey there. I have a question for you. How far away is your phone? Mind if I take a guess?

Not to frighten you with my telepathic powers, but it’s likely right next to you.

Despite the fact that most of us have mobile devices that we guard as closely as our keys, snack foods, and children, many organizations have not developed their own mobile app. And there’s a good reason for this: it’s not easy to build one.

Enter Salesforce’s Mobile Publisher.

What is Mobile Publisher?

It is a customized and branded mobile app of a Salesforce Lightning application or Experience Cloud website. You can read more about it here

Mobile Publisher allows you to create a secure app that works across a wide range of mobile devices. It’s custom, so you can fully brand the app with your name, colors, and your own listing in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

What are the advantages of a mobile solution?

  • Users can find important information quickly and easily
  • Users can bring their mobile devices anywhere
  • Your organization can easily share content
  • Your organization can uniquely brand your solution

A Mobile Publisher Use Case

One of our clients worked with Provisio to develop a custom mobile solution for their Home Study Post-Release Program. After unaccompanied youth move into the United States, the children can eventually move out of a detention center into a sponsor’s home until their cases go through immigration. During that time, our client provides case management for those children.


How exactly is this organization using Mobile Publisher?

Sponsors will use the mobile app to manage appointments and tasks for their child or children. In many cases, sponsors take in more than one child, so the app is essential for managing multiple responsibilities and tasks, like doctor’s appointments and court appointments. 

  • In Salesforce, each sponsor is linked to the child on a Program Engagement record. When the sponsor logs in to the app, they can select the appropriate child, review any appointments, and click Complete when the task is done so the case worker knows a task has been completed. The sponsor and case manager can work together seamlessly to meet the children’s needs. 
  • There are multiple resources built into the app. For example, sponsors can go directly to the USAHello app where they can find specific services in their area from organizations that serve immigrants. 
  • Sponsors can chat directly chat with a case manager. Also, staff can create forums allowing people within a geographical area to chat with one another and share information, like health or special education services. 

These are just a few ways Mobile Publisher can be customized to improve communication between staff and clients, but there are so many possibilities available for customization based on your organization’s needs. If you are looking for a mobile app solution or want to develop a mobile strategy, we would love to talk to you about creating a solution for your organization. 

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