Nonprofit Cloud: A Phased Approach

In March 2023, Salesforce announced its new Nonprofit Cloud (NPC). This solution is the result of partnerships with the nonprofit community and implementation partners, like Provisio, who understand the pain points of and opportunities for human services organizations. 

We know as a nonprofit organization you don’t have unlimited funds (if only!). With this in mind, a phased approach to an NPC implementation starting with a strong foundation could be the way to go. 

What is the immediate value you can expect with an NPC foundational implementation? 

And that’s just the beginning!

Provisio can help you determine what your implementation journey will look like, but the important takeaway is this: you can get your programs up and running and realize substantial value on Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud within 90 days. 

Once you implement NPC, the opportunities for scaling and innovating across your organization are endless. You can add functionality like Care Plans, Online Forms or Applications, Document Generation, and integrations with outside systems. Many of our staff come from nonprofit backgrounds and understand the functionality you need; in fact, we have developed CAUSE solutions in Housing, Workforce Development, Early Childhood, and Aging, plus tools to reduce manual data entry and streamline processes. 

Partnering with Provisio means you will have guides who have worked with hundreds of organizations like yours and can help you in all phases of the implementation process: from Discovery to Training and Support

Want to talk to a Solutions Consultant about a phased implementation approach? We can work with your budget and back into a solution that will quickly add value to your organization. Let’s chat


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