Mandated Reporting Made Easy

We know that your organization may be required to collect data and report outcomes in state-mandated systems. For example, if you provide housing programs, you likely use HMIS to track data. You may have noticed gaps in data collection when you use these mandated systems as these are often not created to track additional program data (non-housing wraparound services, custom fields, etc). Often, these systems do not integrate with others easily, leading to double data entry.

Do you need a more effective way to track services? Funders might want to see services you’ve provided that you can’t track in your current system. Salesforce, however, allows you to track services and class enrollments. It is a versatile platform that can be integrated with your mandated systems – if the system allows – to give you a fuller picture of your programs and clients. 

Salesforce provides a range of integration options, including APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and applications like MuleSoft. These tools allow you to connect Salesforce with other systems and exchange data seamlessly. When that data is shared between systems, it reduces the chances of manual data entry errors and ensures the information is up-to-date across platforms. You can also integrate Salesforce with an EHR to get a fuller picture of each client. Click here for more details. 

Through the implementation process, Provisio’s goal is to help you reduce or eliminate the amount of double entry required; obviously, you want to focus on your clients, not your technology.

Provisio has years of experience integrating Salesforce with outside systems. Our team of data experts understands data mapping and transformation that may be necessary to ensure data consistency and accuracy during integration. Some of the integrations we have done include Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, 211 systems, and funder-run Salesforce applications.

We also know how crucial it is to ensure the data is handled securely and complies with regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR. Read about our commitment to privacy here

One feature that is especially exciting to our clients is the ability to easily generate comprehensive reports and analytics. Read the story of how The Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin transitioned from a time-consuming reporting process to an automated one that they can export into their state system.

A comprehensive view of data from different systems within Salesforce provides you with valuable information, helping you better understand your clients, identify trends, and make data-informed program and organizational decisions. We have seen hundreds of clients able to better serve their missions through Salesforce insights. 

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