AI + Health and Human Services Equals Exciting Potential

Perhaps you watched The Terminator films too many times and worry about a future of fighting seemingly-unstoppable robotic overlords. Or maybe you have developed a close relationship with Siri and/or Alexa and always remember to say thank you for their services; no matter where you fall on the fear or excitement spectrum of artificial intelligence, you can’t avoid hearing the term AI in the ethos.

As someone who works in Health and Human Services, you might be concerned about where all this technology is going. Will technology remove the human from human services? We at Provisio would argue no! AI + Human Services = Potential to Improve Lives.

Let’s explore how.

In “The Dynamic Duo: AI and Human Services Reinventing Digital Business,”  John Winfield writes about the synergy between AI and Human Services. Some of the trends and possibilities he sees are these:

  • Increased Predictive Capacity
  • Personalized Interventions
  • Automated Screening and Assessment

Increased Predictive Capacity

Salesforce’s Einstein tools allow you to use predictive analytics to support care. The possibilities are unlimited in terms of predicting risks, such as health issues or homelessness, as well as indicators of positive outcomes, so you can better serve your communities. Read more about Einstein options here

Personalized Interventions

While we do not depend upon machine-learning for this functionality, Provisio helped Pacific Clinics, California’s largest community-based nonprofit provider of behavioral and mental health services and support, streamline their Crisis Center processes. Through Salesforce tools, they cut their crisis response time from 50-60 minutes to 15-30. When they dispatch a team, a text message is sent to the caller with a map showing the responders’ location and how many minutes away they are from the caller’s location, helping to ease anxiety as the caller waits for assistance. You can read more about Pacific Clinic’s TRUST program here

Automated Screening and Assessment

We can also help you screen people for program eligibility, improving access to relevant services in your organization. Provisio’s eligibility calculator scans an individual’s data to determine whether they – or any family members, if relevant – are qualified for certain services based upon grant requirements that have been entered into the system.   

“Technologies that can recommend interventions, track progress, monitor for risk factors, and automate routine tasks will allow social workers and case managers to focus on complex human interactions and creative problem-solving.” John Winfield

Our goal at Provisio – much like AI – is to help you streamline your processes, remove mundane, repetitive tasks, and help you focus and execute on your mission.

Want to learn how AI and streamlined processes can work for your organization? Click here to read about the innovations Salesforce is making with their new Nonprofit Cloud. 


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