Salesforce Transforms Down Syndrome Association of WI: Service Tracking, Billing, & Reporting

The Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin’s mission is to provide support to Wisconsin families and individuals with Down syndrome and related disabilities through awareness, education, programs, services, and the exchange of ideas and experiences. They promote the value of those with Down syndrome and strive toward full acceptance, full access, full potential and a full life.

DSAW receives referrals from the state of Wisconsin to provide services to individuals and families of people with Down syndrome and other disabilities: for example, to find individuals a job or provide skills-based training. They needed an easier way to track and bill these services, so they turned to Provisio to help them implement Salesforce’s case management system, NCCM.

DSAW Moves Away from Manual Tracking 

Through NCCM, Program Managers can create Authorization records, which include the days of the week the service should be delivered and the hourly rate at which the service was approved. They can then assign a Client Service Coach to provide in-home services and support for clients. If that worker is already assigned elsewhere during that same time, the system gives an error message, and the Program Manager can find someone else. This automation is particularly helpful because assigning workers was a manual process previously, and it reduces the error of double booking a Client Service Coach for home-based services.  

The Client Service Coach can log in to the system through a mobile device to view their schedule, enter the service date, and add notes about their visit. This allows the services that are provided to clients to be stored in the same system as the time spent with those clients, eliminating the need to report out of the time card system.  One of the benefits of this new process is that Program Managers and leadership can view in real time what happened during the visit, if someone missed an appointment, or if there were any other issues noted. 

New Billing Report Saves Time

Prior to Salesforce, DSAW created their billing reports by pulling information from time cards, a time-consuming process. Through Salesforce, they can create a billing report that automates this process. The system calculates down every hour that is spent in a class or spent in the home; the individual who runs the report has all the service authorizations, how many hours were spent towards the total each month, and who the payor is (state of WI or private pay), and the total amount based on the hours spent.  They can export this data into the state system or create invoices. 

Easier Tracking of Clients and Donors

DSAW’s donation website is great at capturing donor information and donation amounts, but it has limited reporting capabilities: it wasn’t possible to know if a donor was also a client or to easily see donations over time. Provisio integrated Salesforce with their donor system, Qgiv. When someone makes an online donation, that donation will automatically appear in Salesforce. They can now see if the donor is a client, see trends in donations over time, and use the full reporting capabilities of Salesforce reporting to make decisions based on their donation fundraising and donations efforts and outcomes.  

“We are grateful for Provisio’s help in streamlining case management and donor management across our organization. This change will enable us to serve more individuals through higher quality services!” 

Abbey Nicholas, Chief of Operations at DSAW


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