Accuracy & Ease In Mental Health Care Delivery IPS Success Story

IPS Implements Salesforce NCCM to Streamline Processes and Improve Accuracy

Integrated Psychotherapeutic Services (IPS), a Dallas-based behavioral health clinic, has a mission to improve the well being of patients suffering from substance misuse and mental health issues. They offer several services, including medication-assisted treatment, outpatient treatment, psychiatric services, and psychoeducational groups.

In order to manage their clients more efficiently and track information more accurately, they needed to digitally transform. They chose Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Case Management (NCCM) as their new one-stop platform. Before implementing Salesforce, they used a limited system that could not handle all of their intake needs; much of their work had to be completed in Excel spreadsheets and Word documents, causing extra work and staff frustration. Their systems were clunky, error-ridden, and difficult to maintain.

NCCM helped IPS streamline their complex processes.

One of their biggest challenges was completing the intake process in their legacy system. IPS tracks how long the intake process takes: from wait times to length of appointments. They tracked all of this information manually through Excel spreadsheets. IPS hired Provisio Partners to build a dynamic platform to simplify their processes. Now, as the client goes through each step of the intake process, there is an automatic timestamp associated with each step, so IPS staff no longer has to track this information manually. Each step has a Start Time, End Time, and Duration. Staff can also easily generate reports to view this information and track their efficiency.

“We were so impressed with Provisio’s ability to navigate our complicated systems and identify how those functions could be streamlined through Salesforce Case Management,” said Jess Bell, Quality Assurance Manager. “They had to learn every aspect of our company, and they certainly did.”

Through NCCM, IPS can also create Tasks and update statuses on those tasks: all in one system. This eliminates quite a bit of backend work and provides better visibility into what tasks have been completed and what still needs to be accomplished.

IPS needed tools to improve accuracy.

The compliance department regularly checks data for completion and accuracy. Because NCCM has required fields (determined during discovery sessions between IPS and Provisio), employees can feel confident that they have not missed entering any necessary information. This saves IPS time because they can eliminate certain manually-created reports. In their legacy system, IPS had to define a report every time they ran it, and then run dozens of reports. The ability to save reports in Salesforce and run them without defining the criteria each time will be extremely valuable.

“It is intimidating to take on a project like this, but the expertise of Provisio made it achievable. We are so excited about our finished product. As an added bonus, I genuinely like the members of our Provisio team as both colleagues and humans. I can’t imagine finding a group of more patient and approachable people to support us on this endeavor,” said Jess Bell.

Ultimately, IPS will benefit from process simplification and improved accuracy with the power of Salesforce, allowing them to focus more on the essential services they provide to their Dallas community.

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