Use Salesforce to Deliver Trauma-informed Services

People-centered nonprofits provide support to individuals on what is often their darkest days—when resources are lacking, personal networks are inadequate and tangible support is hard to come by. If you work at a nonprofit, you’re familiar with the despair, desperation, and exhaustion that people often exhibit when seeking assistance. Counteracting these negative experiences is essential and requires teams to create environments defined by respect, dignity, and security. While this approach may seem like a simple, common-sense approach to service delivery–it’s not. In fact, it has a name, a framework, and proven benefits that help nonprofits deliver on their missions more effectively. 

Trauma-informed care emerged decades ago and is accepted as a best practice for governing how medical care providers, social workers, community developers, and nonprofit leaders should interact with the people they serve. The concept behind trauma-informed care is simple; it requires those delivering services to consider the pervasive nature of trauma and how it may impact the people they serve. The framework empowers practitioners to create healing environments rather than simply deliver services that could exacerbate trauma. While adjustments in service can take many forms, the goal is to minimize the potential for new trauma.

You may be wondering how any of this applies to you since you’re passionate about helping people and always do so with kindness. Although pleasant interactions are a part of providing trauma-informed care, they are not the only piece of the puzzle. Assessing the systems and processes involved in service delivery often reveals new opportunities to further improve the user experience at your nonprofit. Provisio Partners, a leading Partner specializing in Human Services, created a suite of solutions to help nonprofits deliver trauma-informed care experiences for their constituents. 

“A lot of us come from a nonprofit background, we’re from programs like this. So when we ask questions in discovery, we’re getting closer to the program questions they might need. Anybody can build out Salesforce but you have to know how nonprofits work to be able to build out the right solution, and that’s why so many of our staff come from a nonprofit background.”
Valerie Rogers, Senior Solutions Engineer | Provisio Partners

 Reducing Trauma with Tech

Led by Valerie Rogers, a veteran of the nonprofit industry, the delivery team at Provisio Partners built functionality within Salesforce to improve user experience and reduce the instance of trauma. These scalable solutions work well for nonprofits of any size and can meaningfully improve your team’s ability to support people when they need it the most.

Automated Bed Tracking | Offers a visual representation of available beds for nonprofits offering residential programs. This fully-customizable feature allows users to quickly and easily assign beds based on the specific needs of individual clients. Its validation feature limits overbooking and inadvertent commingling between restricted groups.

Self Check-in | Wearable solutions allow clients to check-in and out of lodging spaces, support classes, and other registration-required services independently. This no-touch process automates tracking, increases reporting accuracy, and code compliance. As a bonus, this feature allows employees to spend more of their time attending to clients’ needs.

Customizable Notifications | Alongside Self Check-in, the Customizable Notification feature keeps clients engaged and accountable by tracking their participation in available programming. Participation records are shared with caseworkers and other advocates who can help reengage clients when needed and celebrate progress at every opportunity.

These features represent the base functionality of each solution and can be further customized based on the needs of individual nonprofits. Leveraging these established solutions saves nonprofits time and money–both of which are better used to directly support clients.

Show You Care

Provisio Partners has successfully deployed these solutions at various nonprofits. The initial success of these tools pushed the delivery team to invest even more in making new solutions that enable trauma-informed care. If you’re interested in learning more about Provisio Partners and its approach to supporting nonprofits, visit to learn how your nonprofit can do more with Salesforce.  

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