A New Methodology for Supporting Community Behavioral Health Needs

California’s Santa Clara County wanted to respond to certain community crises without involving law enforcement. Pacific Clinics, California’s largest community-based provider of behavioral and mental health services and supports has partnered with the county as their primary mobile crisis program for decades. Now, Pacific Clinics has teamed up with Salesforce and Provisio Partners to create a new crisis-response solution. Through the use of Salesforce tools, Pacific Clinics can handle urgent mental health or substance use emergencies and help to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.

Pacific Clinics, Momentum for Health, and Home First Services have recently launched their TRUST Program (Trusted Response Urgent Support Team), a community-driven mobile mental health crisis response team that includes mental health workers, first aid providers, and peer specialists who have first-hand experience with mental health challenges. The Call Center and Field Response teams are available 24/7 to help residents during particularly challenging or stressful situations and provide other assistance, such as food and first aid, to unhoused communities. The team will use specialized vans designed not to cause additional anxiety for individuals who need support. 

Residents experiencing a mental health crisis or anyone who witnesses someone threatening self-harm or harm to others can call 988, and the call will be directly transferred to Pacific Clinics. Mental health professionals will help manage the situation, and, if necessary, dispatch a team to go onsite. Using Salesforce’s Field Service, Pacific Clinics can see where the TRUST teams are located and how quickly they can get to the location in question. The individual who placed the phone call will receive a text with a clickable link showing on a map exactly where the team is. The caller can also get text messages informing them how close the team is to arriving.

Provisio Partners trained Pacific Clinics on their new technology and spent time in the Call Center providing immediate technical support. With backgrounds in law enforcement and telephone crisis intervention, Provisio team members could leverage their experience to ensure effective training. Provisio also created an on-call quick response team to provide necessary updates and fixes within minutes of the system going live.

Having Provisio Partners onsite for training and implementation was incredibly helpful! A valuable business partner, they have been the perfect work teammates who have complemented our strengths as service providers, making us even better. Eleanor Castillo Sumi, Ph.D, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Innovation and Growth

To learn more about Pacific Clinics’ TRUST Field Response program, click here

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