Salesforce for Workforce Development

Salesforce for Workforce Development Programs

Workforce development organizations face many barriers, specifically in uncovering and tracking all factors that prevent program participants from finding long-term placement and success. 

Historically, workforce development organizations have used legacy software, but those solutions have not modernized, causing data issues. The legacy systems do not give organizations a complete picture of their participants’ challenges and successes. However, with Salesforce and birdseye, Provisio’s Human Services Platform, these organizations can uncover a holistic view of program participants to understand their employment barriers. 

With these two solutions, organizations can manage their business in one centralized platform, finally eliminating the barriers between data and processes. 

Together, Salesforce and birdseye enable organizations to: 

  • Represent a household to view participants in the context of their family’s full need
  • Break down silos among fundraising, marketing, programs, and leadership by giving a contextual shared view of all constituents
  • Track different types of programs and services, regardless of complexity
  • Tie grant funding to programs
  • Measure fundraising performances and report impact to stakeholders

Most importantly, Salesforce allows for the easy extraction of data, giving organizations a more accurate view of their data and where they are seeing successes, and where they may need to reevaluate program processes. 

With Salesforce, organizations can:

  • Perform intake to better understand the individual and their household environment
  • Complete assessments to determine if the individual is a good fit for the program and what issues may block their path to success
  • Manage processes as the individual goes through the program(s) and into the workforce


With Salesforce and birdseye, workforce development programs can finally focus their effort where they want it to be: on their participants.

Want to learn more about how Salesforce can break down workforce development barriers? Join our webinar: “Uplifting Communities Through Workforce Development,” on April 28th at 11 am CDT.


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