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How Nonprofits Can Utilize Experience Cloud

Salesforce’s Experience Cloud, formerly named Community Cloud, allows organizations to go further with their Salesforce capabilities.  Experience Cloud can be used by human services organizations to create, mobile apps, and other digital touchpoints to engage with constituents.

With our current virtual world, Experience Cloud might be the solution your organization needs. Experience Cloud can help solve any deficiencies your organization might have serving your constituents and improving your internal users’ processes.

Here are the top ways human services organizations can utilize Experience Cloud:

Connect with Volunteers

Experience Cloud’s portals let your team create a Resource Hub for your volunteers. In this hub, volunteers can update their contact information, sign up for spots, find answers to their questions, and see their upcoming commitments. They can also surface resources, videos, and links to online training if your organization requires it. The Resource Hub will let your volunteer management team streamline their processes while better managing the volunteers.

Track Relationship with Community Partners

Experience Cloud’s innovative web portals give you a full view of your relationship with your community donors, letting you know what they have previously provided (money, canned goods, clothing) for your organization in the past.


Facilitate Communication with Partners

With Experience Cloud, you can engage with your community partners securely. You can make client referrals with instant notifications, real-time status updates, and reportable metrics. And, you can receive data from sub-grantees that is integrated with the data from services you are supplying directly.


Strengthen Engagement with Clients: 

Using Experience Cloud, you can create a private community for your clients to log in and access specific data. These communities include knowledge centers that allow your clients to have immediate access to information and resources they may need. Clients can securely complete applications, intakes, and surveys and upload documents from wherever they are with Experience Cloud’s mobile capabilities.


For both constituents and your internal team, Experience Cloud is an invaluable resource for human service organizations. Experience Cloud will ultimately allow your organization to go further with Salesforce than you have been able to go before.

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