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Improved Client Tracking and Reporting for Workforce Development Programs

We regularly hear from human services organizations that they need improved ways of tracking program participants. According to “Inside the Black Box: What Makes Workforce Development Programs Successful?” published by the University of Chicago, identifying which employment and training programs are successful in placing and retaining people in jobs is important for funding, policy, and customer decision making. 

The authors of this study interviewed experts in the field. They discovered a common need for these programs to improve data: “to make it more consistent and applicable across programs, and to make it easier to enter and to access.” This data will become even more important as funders require more evidence of success. You can read the article here.  

Implementing Salesforce’s NCCM

One of our clients offers training opportunities, employment services, and job placement programs designed to equip people with the employment tools they need to reach their goals and make meaningful changes in their lives.  

They chose to implement the Salesforce NCCM solution to better track and serve their clients and partnered with Provisio to optimize the platform and increase user adoption.  Provisio held regular Discovery sessions with them, both end users and the strategic team, to optimize their system and build out vital funder reports. 

One of the steps to improve their outcomes was implementing Provisio’s proprietary workforce development solution, providing them with  a 360-degree view of their program participants’ employment statuses. This increased functionality also allows their team to best meet the employment needs of their clients.  The solution includes the following key elements:

  • Fosters Employer Relationships
  • Maintains a Job Bank & Job Orders
  • Manages Employment Placement
  • Tracks Retention Checks
  • Handles Related Placements

One of the challenges our client faced was creating mandatory monthly reports for their stakeholders. What originally required a multi-step process can now be completed easily in one step, saving time and frustration for staff. 

The study referenced earlier notes that sometimes workforce development programs don’t use their data to its full potential. Often databases are not integrated, requiring staff to enter data in multiple places  and transferring data to keep systems in synch. One of the advantages of Salesforce is its ability to integrate with other systems, allowing staff to focus less on manual data entry and more on their program services.

We would love to talk to you about how a technology shift can eliminate manual work and improve your reporting capabilities. Contact us here to get the conversation going!

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