Tableau CRM for Human Services Organizations

Tableau CRM, formerly known as Salesforce Einstein Analytics, is the world’s leading analytics platform. Salesforce’s Tableau CRM data-rich dashboards and localized, multi-layered mapping allows your organization to be more data-driven, making it easy to review and control your data that can tell the story of your organization’s impact!

Tableau CRM allows human service organizations to strategically assess and report on client outcomes and program needs based on research and alignment with community baselines. After digesting these data-rich dashboards, organizations are able to make decisions that will be highly impactful.

Here are the best ways Human Services Organizations can Utilize Tableau CRM:

  • Fundraising – Visualize your donors and help improve fundraising efforts
  • Better understand your client population
  • Real-time impact measurement
  • Tell your organization’s data story
  • Help make better-informed program and operational decisions

Tableau CRM & Provisio Clients: 

Provisio Partners’ has a team of data analytics experts ready to help you use Tableau CRM to let your organization tell your story to its fullest through data sharing. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your data goals. 

Provisio’s data analytics team worked with our client, The Chinese American Service League (CASL), to implement Tableau CRM to help them better understand their data. With Tableau CRM, CASL can now visualize real-time client data and outcomes, allowing them to prove impact and share this impact with potential donors and key stakeholders. CASL was able to import external data into Tableau CRM from the Chicago Health Atlas to compare how well CASL’s programs are performing compared to citywide benchmarks. 

Using this powerful tool to analyze program data on daily basis gave CASL the ability to compare and make decisions to improve and enhance programs. From their Tableau CRM findings, CASL created the Center of Social Impact, funded 85% due to their ability to report impact on their community to their funders.  

“We have been able to transform our organization into a nimble provider that can easily pivot to changing client, household and community needs – positioning CASL as a national leader in data-informed practice and prover of impact.” 

– Jered Pruitt, Chief Operating Officer

To learn more about how Provisio Partners can help your organization with Tableau CRM, click here!

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