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We at Provisio Partners are committed to supporting our clients on their digital transformation journeys and have a deep passion for human services. In fact, we implement Salesforce exclusively for nonprofit and public sector human services organizations; many of us have worked for nonprofits throughout our professional careers and understand the challenges these organizations face.  

Closely working with our clients, we have developed custom solutions, built upon the Salesforce platform, to help them overcome some of the typical challenges they face. One of those CAUSE (Custom Accelerators Utilizing Sector Experience) solutions was built for Early Childhood programs.  

The Social Determinants of Health and Early Childhood Education

According to health.gov, socioeconomic status and early life stress can impact the mental and physical health of children. Research shows poverty can also negatively influence academic achievements; children from marginalized communities are more likely to need special education and to drop out of high school. In fact, education quality and access is one of the five Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) that affect an individual’s ability to thrive. Where someone is born and raised can have a major impact on their health, well-being, and quality of life. 

Early childhood programs are critical for supporting children from low-income communities. Head Start and Early Head Start Programs help to increase learning and social skills, improve health outcomes, and close the gap in readiness to learn for at-risk children. See: https://health.gov/healthypeople/priority-areas/social-determinants-health/literature-summaries/early-childhood-development-and-education

The goal of a platform like Salesforce is to enable Early Childhood organizations to focus on the  holistic needs of the children and families they serve. For their technology to work for them and not against them.

“With the early childhood solution, teachers are able to track real time data of who is in their classrooms that day, who needs additional mental health/disability services, while giving leadership the ability to track compliance to the funder and overall impact the program has on both the child and the family.” 

Fiona Anderson, Provisio Senior Consultant and former Project Development Manager for Action for Children

Here are some of the ways our CAUSE solution can support Early Childhood programs:

  • Complete enrollment and determine program eligibility
  • Manage attendance
  • Track meals and immunizations
  • Support health and mental health services
  • Monitor program performance
  • Meet Head Start compliance, monitoring, and other reporting needs
  • Support case management
  • Create online portals for parents to enroll children and upload required documents

An Early Childhood Program Success Story

Read how our client, Chicago Commons, uses Salesforce to make registration more accessible for parents and provide a 360-degree view of their children and families.

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