100 Locations, 1 Data System: Using Salesforce to Provide Consistent & Quality Care

One of our clients is a San Francisco-based mental health nonprofit committed to advocating for and providing comprehensive services to meet the behavioral health, social, vocational, and educational needs of its participants.  They provide services at more than 100 sites in several languages, transforming lives among the most underserved populations across their community.

Running several programs across dozens of locations presents challenges for this organization; one, in particular, was tracking participants when staff used a multitude of non-integrated systems. It is difficult to discern how many people are being served and what services they are receiving without a single system of record. This is why this organization made the decision to implement a Salesforce solution

They partnered with Provisio to move their program data onto one platform. Through Salesforce, they can standardize their processes: from enrolling a participant in a program to creating service plans and performing assessments. 

Benefits from the Salesforce Transition


  This organization does not share contacts among its programs for privacy reasons. So, if an individual receives behavioral health services and is also enrolled in the workforce program or becomes a Peer Wellness Counselor, those records will be separate. An individual can be in the system multiple times, depending upon their needs, without fear of their privacy being violated. An advantage of Salesforce is that the platform can easily be customized to restrict user access for this exact purpose. 


Both the IT and Compliance departments have experienced positive results from their Salesforce implementation. Having one system of record means IT does not have to fix issues in multiple systems, cutting down on troubleshooting time and frustration. This also means they don’t have to train staff on several systems. Using one single system allows them to leverage existing configurations for additional programs they would like to bring into the system, saving them time and resources for getting new programs up and running.  


Reporting through Salesforce is also much easier. They can report on their client demographics, locations, and services to see how well they are meeting their objectives.  Since all their program data has been moved onto one system, they have a better understanding of the effectiveness of their programs. Through dashboards and reports, they can better tell their story and show their funders how they are serving their community and where they might need additional funding. 


For more information on how Salesforce can help mental health organizations get a fuller view of their clients and provide better service, please refer to this article. Provisio would love to speak to you if you are considering a technology pivot to see if Salesforce would be a good fit for your organization.


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