Success Story, Unlocking Potential, Save the Family's Tech Upgrade for Long-Term Housing Solutions

Unlocking Potential: Save the Family’s Tech Upgrade for Long-Term Housing Solutions

Save the Family is a leading provider of housing, case management and supportive services for homeless families in Maricopa County, AZ.  After Save the Family helps families find immediate housing, Case Managers help parents set and achieve goals to ensure the family’s long-term housing and financial stability. To improve efficiencies in data management and reporting, their organization needed to update their technology. 

Previously, staff worked from spreadsheets and had to do manual data manipulation. Funder reporting was extremely tedious. The solution? Salesforce’s Case Management system, NCCM. Provisio partnered with Save the Family to move their data onto this one user-friendly platform.

Prioritizing Change Management

The project team at Save the Family took a very thoughtful approach to their implementation. All team members attended weekly meetings and were an integral part of the solution, providing feedback throughout the project. The entire team gathered together for group training sessions, so that everyone felt comfortable using NCCM and understood the benefits of the technology.

Improved Reporting Capabilities

One of the most exciting outcomes of the implementation was their ability to more easily report data to funders. A very time-consuming process to gather all the required data can now be accomplished with pre-built reporting templates that pull data from the system in real-time. For example, users can quickly filter what services they have provided and the quantity of those services, as well as filter clients by funder.

There is so much I could say about the system that has really helped enhance the work we do, but some of the biggest impacts we have seen already include having all of the necessary data and client information in one place, making it easier to access and helping ensure the team is all informed and on the same page. Also, having reporting capabilities that are sophisticated to really pull our data and share with everyone the great work that we are doing and help us keep on track is a great tool to continue to strengthen the quality of work we provide to our families.
Erin Cowan-Hegg, Chief Programs Officer, Save the Family

When an organization can improve their staff’s quality of life with a technology upgrade, plus more effectively tell their impact story, we consider those huge wins. Not only is their system easier to use, Save the Family can spend more time focusing on their mission to help families obtain permanent housing, increase access to health care, and increase their income. 

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