Trinity: Reaching Donors More Efficiently through Salesforce Solutions

Trinity Services, Inc. is a nonprofit organization providing high quality services and supports to people with developmental disabilities and mental illness. Serving more than 5,500 adults and children who have intellectual/developmental disabilities or mental health needs, Trinity provides essential services so their members can flourish and live full and abundant lives.

They offer employment, residential, and respite services, numerous community day services, a counseling center, a school, a recreation center, a range of therapeutic services, and even therapeutic horseback riding. To support this range of programs, Trinity relies on the generosity of donors; therefore, they needed a software solution to improve their communication with current and potential donors. They also wanted a user-friendly platform to simplify data collection and reporting.

Trinity needed a better way to reach donors.

Their previous system did not have the flexibility they needed, so they engaged with Provisio Partners to guide them through an implementation of Salesforce’s NPSP application. Since they communicate with donors through the U.S. postal system, it’s extremely important for Trinity to have the most up-to-date address information in their system. Through Salesforce reporting, they are now able to pull data from the National Change of Address database into their own database. An automated report runs monthly and updates any changed address, ensuring they have the proper contact information for each donor.


A table seating solution simplifies event planning.

Along with sending out communications to donors, another important fundraising activity for nonprofit organizations is event hosting. Planning for such events can be challenging, so anything that simplifies that process is a welcome improvement. Through an integration between Salesforce and Soapbox Engage, Trinity’s donors can register for an event, a ticket is created, and the donor ticket is assigned to a specific seat. Trinity can associate ticket holders to the appropriate tables, allowing a particular group of sponsors or donors to sit together. Plus, the system ensures that there is only one person assigned per seat, and the right amount of people are assigned to each table. Staff can also run a report to see who is assigned to which tables and make any necessary adjustments.

Sherry Ladislas, Director of Development at Trinity comments, “I think every event planner can relate to the errors that can occur when creating a seating chart for a large event. Just when you’ve worked out the perfect seating chart, someone cancels or buys tickets at the last minute.  It is very easy to accidentally seat the same person at two different tables or put 12 people at a table meant for 10 as you move people around to accommodate these eleventh-hour changes. Having a way to double-check my seating chart gives me peace of mind that our guests won’t have a negative experience as they find their seats.”

Every Action, Thought and Experience is significant.

According to their website, Trinity staff members work with the understanding that “Everything Counts”—that every action, thought and experience is significant.” Having a software solution that is not only intuitive but allows Trinity to reach more donors and improve their event planning is a big win for their organization. A flexible software solution allows them to focus their efforts on supporting the community they serve to reach their personal goals and highest potential.

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