Transform Your Resolutions into Reality

Have you already stopped going to the gym, gorged on all the leftover holiday cookies, or given up on mastering French? Ne craignez rien! If you didn’t get that far in your lessons – don’t worry! It is not too late to create new resolutions for yourself or your organization. 2023 is just getting started; consider making it a year for powerful change. Transform your resolutions into reality! 

We have taken the liberty of getting you started with a fresh (achievable!) resolution list.

Make Data Access a Priority

Implement a case management solution that stores data in a clear way that is accessible to your entire team. No more siloed information. Your cross-team collaboration can be drastically improved.

Implement a System that Does the Heavy Lifting 

Provide your organization with a user-friendly system that adapts to your needs. Save staff time and effort, allowing them to focus on providing services rather than data entry.

Create Templates to Streamline Processes

Streamline intakes with pre-configured templates to start delivering services faster. This creates a better experience for both staff and clients. 

Save Time with AI Eligibility 

Determine if your clients qualify for other services or programs with Provisio’s pre-built eligibility calculator. 

Focus on Client Growth 

Personalize case plans and assess progress to better understand your client’s journey. Gain a holistic view of an entire household to ensure you are servicing the entire family.

Generate Simple and Effective Reports

Acquire high-quality data reporting tools. Your funders and donors expect clear, visually-appealing reports. You need a simple way to create these reports.

Up Your Communication Game

Offer your clients self-service tools. They can access their data, upload forms, or communicate with you through a client portal. 

Maybe you already have a CRM but want to take your data to the next level? See how our clients use Salesforce technology to analyze outcomes and identify trends to improve and expand their services. 

Provisio Partners is the largest dedicated Salesforce consultancy with a single focus in Human Services. We would love to help you turn your 2023 resolutions into reality. And we won’t make you count calories! Please visit our website for more information or contact us here. 

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