Revolutionize Client Support and Reduce Response Time During a Crisis 

If your organization runs a Call Center or Hotline and wants to decrease the time it takes to respond to a crisis and support callers more effectively, this is the post for you. 

A Pacific Clinics Case Study

Before November 2022, the Pacific Clinics Crisis team had no centralized system to manage their mobile responses. They received a phone call, pinged their Microsoft Teams, and the person who answered it first took the call. They coordinated their mobile response dispatching with chat messages, text messages, and emails: ultimately, not a very streamlined process. 

They also had no reportable data. To determine numbers, they had to go through the call log and manually count up the number of calls received. What they needed (and what Provisio helped them build) was a smoother process built on the Salesforce platform. Their new process follows these steps:

  • Agents receive a call at the crisis center directly on their computers (if a known caller, their information is instantly available, and agents are guided through a responsive screening that collects all the information they need.)
  • If unable to de-escalate and an in-person response is necessary, agents can see all the response vans on a map and dispatch to the nearest team
  • Responders receive all of that collected information right on their mobile devices

Crisis Response Time: From 50-60 to 15-30 Minutes

Once the team has been dispatched, the responders keep the call center AND the help seeker informed by updating the status on their device. Plus, they can enter notes, call disposition information, and even collect consent signatures through the app. Through their new and improved system, their crisis response time has gone from 50-60 minutes to 15-30 minutes. 

For Pacific Clinic’s staff, this means more efficient and effective communication, so they can remain focused on meeting client needs and less time managing logistics such as gathering information on paper from a team member who might be unavailable at the moment. For their clients and those supporting them, this means better communication and transparency for when help will arrive, critical factors to alleviate anxieties when managing a stressful situation.

Gathering Reportable Data 

Pacific Clinics now has dashboards that instantly show important information, like number of calls, types of calls, and which Service Crew handled the service appointments. 

Here are some examples of the real-time data the team can view instantly:

“Having access to live/real time data helps us make quick decisions, and when it comes to crisis, time is so important. The data also helps us look at strategies around prevention.” Jacquelyn H. Torres, Regional Executive Director, New Business, Pacific Clinics

Contact Provisio for a Consultation

A crisis center is an ideal way to immediately connect people to services they need, but we know each call center is unique. You can work with an implementation partner, like Provisio, to ensure the Salesforce platform is tailored to your individual needs. Salesforce is a secure platform with several safety measures in place to protect your data, so you can rest assured that clients’ privacy will be protected. Want to learn more? Click here to schedule an appointment with a Solutions Consultant at Provisio.


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