Platform Shift Helps Health Organization Better Serve Unaccompanied Minors

A Texas-based Health and Human Services organization addresses critical needs, offering programs for underprivileged families, unaccompanied minors, health care, community development, and international relief services.

Their staff collected data in several disparate systems and spreadsheets and had a critical need to move all their data onto one platform to streamline their processes and improve reporting. Provisio Partners helped them implement Salesforce’s PMM, Service Cloud, and integrate a Call Center with Five9 software for their Residential Services Division.

One Seamless System for Taking Calls and Capturing Data

 The Residential Services Division serves minors under 18 who are undocumented, unaccompanied, or separated at the border from their families. They focus on supporting families through information sharing, crisis support, and links to resources that are tailored to the specific part of the country they live in. Call Specialists take calls from across the country to provide information, resources and to support the safety and stability of these children and their families. Since they receive an average of 1,300 calls a day, they needed an improved system for taking calls and capturing information.

 To streamline inbound and outbound calls, Provisio set up an integration between Salesforce and Five9 software to simplify their call center processes. Through a call flow, Salesforce will now bring up a caller’s contact record and any open cases related to that caller, saving staff from referring to a separate system to find the caller’s information. If it is a new caller, the system takes staff through a flow during the call, prompting them to ask key questions and collect all required information, streamlining data collection. These efficiencies reduce the documentation time needed after each call and allow staff to serve more individuals in need.

Shifting to the Salesforce Platform Improves Reporting Ability

This organization provides a wide variety of services for children in the Shelter, Foster Care, and After Care programs, including education, clinical, and Case Management services. Reports across programs and across functional areas were previously segmented by program or location. With multiple programs and locations to serve, they needed a single view of their data for insights and higher-level reporting. Salesforce allows them to run quarterly reports across all programs, providing them with a holistic view of the people they serve while still giving them the option to filter their reports by program. Dashboards visually showcase that data. 

New levels of organizational oversight have been achieved through Adoption Dashboards customized by the Provisio team. Leadership was able to leverage this to ensure that their staff were using the platform at go-live, follow up with those that were not, and monitor usage afterward. This eased pressure on leadership to ensure that proper procedures were being followed, and the platform was being utilized to the fullest extent possible.

Transitioning to one powerful platform allows organizations to serve their clients more efficiently and effectively. Processes are streamlined, client data is collected in one place, and holistic, higher-level reporting makes it easier to tell impact stories to potential donors. If you’re in the market for a new technology solution, get in touch with us to see how we can support you!

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