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Celebrating Three Years as Provisio Partners.

Three years ago, Travis Bloomfield and Erica Cox embarked on a life-changing entrepreneurial journey. With positive change as the driving force of their business, they set out on a mission to impact human services organizations’ technical and data advancements using Salesforce, their backgrounds in information technology services, and their passion for consulting. 

Both Erica and Travis can attest their business would be nowhere without the phenomenal talent, hard work, and dedication each team member has put into evolving Provisio Partners into the growing company it is today. 

While we celebrate our third anniversary, we’ve gathered thoughts from some of our Provisio team members on their favorite moments, culture highlights, and why we’re so passionate about working at Provisio. 

What Makes Provisio Special? 

Kim Collins, Delivery Director

“The amazing team members that I get to work with every day to solve the tough problems facing the most vulnerable individuals and families in our country.”


Jennifer Chang, Consultant

“I feel so fortunate to work at a firm like Provisio Partners. Not only does the firm have thoughtful leadership, but they understand what it takes to provide a positive work environment…My coworkers are intelligent, good at their job, work-hard, but understand that we are all human. We are all life-long learners and we all support each other to make us all successful in the end.”


Frank DiBartolomeo, Chief Financial Officer

“Leadership that is inclusive yet firm in their organizational direction.”


Fran Morgan, Senior Training Consultant

The people and the work we do for nonprofits… Travis and Erica have brought together a group of incredibly passionate people who care about our work and industry. They have created an environment where honesty and open communication about where we are as an organization and where we are headed, it’s nice to be informed.”


Describe the Provisio Culture? 

Samantha Stoterau, Customer Success Lead

“The Provisio culture is unlike any other I’ve gotten lucky enough to be a part of. Our Leadership Staff treats us as humans, not as machines. They maintain this linear way of thinking, doing, and most importantly, leading that makes the rest of the staff feel as if we’re all just a big group of friends or family, creating killer Salesforce solutions for the folks we work with.”


Evan Bloomfield, Consultant

“The culture is one that employees wish for. A company filled with individuals that are serious about their job and helping our clients be better at what they do.”


Jennifer Tweed, Consultant

 “One big family! Everyone is always willing to pitch in and help out when needed. Very supportive and encouraging group of people.”


What’s the Best Part About your Job? 

Keith Snider, Technical Lead

I feel like I make an impact. There are too many jobs out there where you feel like just another body, and here I feel like all team members make their own impact and are meaningful to the firm. And there’s a keg.”


Zac Rinke, Consultant 

“The best part of my job is knowing that my efforts help people across the country do incredibly important work.”


Thomas Horst, Solutions Consultant

“That it is not a job at all…it is my chosen career and is a win-win scenario. I feel I can truly make a difference to many people in this world and all while providing a wonderful living for my family and myself.”


Fiona Anderson, Business Analyst & Senior Consultant

“My favorite part of my job is meeting with our clients to learn about their programs and missions to understand their data needs and make their jobs easier.”


What’s it Like Working at Provisio? 

David Cox, Technical Lead

“Provisio provides an environment where you are able to learn a variety of Salesforce skills. Projects are always different and involve new integrations, data migrations, and Salesforce features.”


Courtney Cox, Senior Consultant

“The people! Everyone is so supportive of one another and eager to lend a helping hand whenever it is needed. We also all truly care for one another and our clients and want to make sure they are all successful.”


Marjorie Justice, Training Consultant

“Because Provisio is a small company, I feel like every person is crucial to the team, and we all have a voice. I have previously worked for much larger companies and never felt like I could make the kind of impact that I can at Provisio. Our leaders are transparent and open to multiple points of view, which makes us stronger as a whole.”


What’s the Proudest Moment you had While Working at Provisio? 

Ted Stocklin, Solutions Consultant

“Provisio earned Premium partner status in only its second year as Provisio.”


Sue Bloomfield, Director of Operations

“To see the success and growth of the firm over the past 3 years both being a part of it as well as being on the other side of things.


John Vander Weit, Consultant

“When a client said a change made their day!”


Katie Bloomfield, Business Analyst & Senior Consultant

When a client told me that they were sad that our project was coming to an end because they feel like we are a team!”

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