Fighting Hunger Together in Texas: Salesforce Enables a Collaborative Approach to Food Stability

Fighting Hunger Together in Texas: Salesforce Enables a Collaborative Approach to Food Stability

About Central Texas Food Bank

Central Texas Food Bank (CTFB) is the largest hunger-relief charity in Central Texas, serving a 21-county area. CTFB, a member of the Feeding America network, has been a leader in the fight against hunger for almost 40 years. Their mission is to nourish hungry people and lead the community in the fight against hunger. With food donors, financial supporters, and volunteers to fill unmet needs in Central Texas, CTFB not only provides free food, but they provide knowledge on low-cost healthy eating options to families in need. They also assist families who qualify for federal assistance programs, they make food affordable for charitable and government partners, and they teach nutrition, gardening, and culinary skills.

Need for Single Source of Data

Central Texas Food Bank connected with Provisio Partners because they needed to find a CRM (Constituent/Partner Relationship Management system) that would let them collaborate on their work with community partners within a centralized data source. They needed to manage information and activities around their network of program partners. This network includes approximately 300 community partners contracted to provide meals or grocery items and additional stakeholders, including researchers, legislators, and other contacts relevant to programming and services.

Connecting with Community Partners

To connect with their 300 plus community partners, CTFB needed a CRM that could provide a coordinated relationship management approach. Community partners are what keep food bank programs like CTFB alive. They provide meals or grocery items food banks need to keep their community members fed. With 1 in 7 Central Texans at risk of hunger, CTFB needed an easy way to connect with partners to source food donations to provide complete meal packages.


Salesforce puts CTFB’s whole organization in a position to provide the best possible services to their program participants and community partners. Salesforce gave CTFB what they needed most: one true source of data. CTFB can gain instant, controlled access to agency data across all data elements. Now, CTFB can maintain up-to-date partner information and look at the historical relationship with each partner, informing CTFB how each partner has helped them in the past.

Collaborating to Feed the Hungry

Today, a record amount of Central Texans face food insecurity. CTFB knew they needed a customizable CRM that allowed them to effectively communicate with their community partners to fill their unmet donation needs. Provisio Partners delivered that. “Being a local, Central Texas resident, I see all around me, how the Central Texas Food Bank along with its community partners help to reduce food insecurity through its service delivery.  I am so happy our solution has helped them automate and simplify the management of their community partners and operations,” said Thomas Horst, Solutions Consultant at Provisio Partners. With Provisio’s support and assistance, CTFB gained a completely automated and revamped system within Salesforce. By providing detailed and ongoing training to their staff, CTFB can rest assured that their team can utilize Salesforce.

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