Transforming COVID-19 Response: Illinois Moves to Salesforce for Enhanced Data Visualization

State of IL Covid-19 Website Implementation

The State of IL Covid-19 Response

In February of 2020, the State of Illinois took public health precautions in response to the global pandemic, COVID-19. Working with local health departments, county officials and federal partners, the Governor’s office developed systems to prevent the virus’s spread within the State. One of these plans includes Restore Illinois, a phased plan to reopen the State, guided by health metrics, and includes specific business, education, and recreation activities characterizing each phase. Restore Illinois is the initial response framework that evolves with more discoveries about the virus. To accommodate the increasing need for Covid-19 public information, the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) worked diligently to architect a Coronavirus response website to inform Illinoisans of statistics, safety, and prevention. 

The State of IL Invests in Salesforce Enterprise Platform 

With Illinois citizens desperate for more information, Illinois’ response website received a staggering amount of web traffic, on average, a total of 5,000 hits per second. As a result, the State’s server farm, holding numerous critical systems along with their Covid-19 website, could not handle the number of requests. The Governor’s office of Illinois reached out to Salesforce to assist with migrating their legacy site to a platform that could withstand the increasing web activity.

Salesforce then contacted Provisio to consult and support the website implementation process. Working alongside Provisio, Slalom, a business and technology consulting firm, was tasked with managing and implementing a contact tracing system within Salesforce to identify individuals likely exposed to the virus. With DoIT facilitating communications via the Governor’s office, the organizations worked diligently to set a timeline and strategy to get their Covid-19 Response website up and running on the stable Salesforce environment.

Launching the Power of Salesforce to Replatform

The State’s initial goal was to re-platform the Coronavirus legacy website to Salesforce to handle the traffic and requests they received. The Governor’s office tasked the Provisio team with implementing Salesforce Communities. Provisio’s data team added a few new features to the existing community architecture, including a data visualization of confirmed rates per region, tested rates per area, and total cases in the State via Tableau CRM. 

Working Proactively to Inform the IL Public

Provisio worked around the clock to get the State of IL Covid-19 website ready to launch. It took a total of 10 days for the Provisio team to re-platform the State of Illinois’ legacy system to Salesforce. Today, a devoted customer success team works proactively to update state requirements and safety precautions. Provisio Partners is proud to support the State of Illinois’ efforts to keep its citizens informed and protected during these unprecedented times. 

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