Innovating with Salesforce’s Public Sector Solutions: Provisio’s Unique Expertise and Proven Success

At Provisio, many of us come from the public sector, so we get the challenges of government work: Aging technology, inefficient processes, dense paperwork and demanding accountability. As the only Salesforce consultancy focused solely on health and human services, our unique expertise fuels highly-catered solutions made specifically for you. We’re talking automated technology and operational advising to make you faster and more effective for the people you serve. Allow Provisio to harness the power of Salesforce’s Public Sector Solutions to kickstart your innovation journey.

How Public Sector Solutions in Salesforce Works

Put simply, Public Sector Solutions is a suite of Salesforce products that streamline interactions with your constituents and generate crucial, easy-to-use data. Automation, AI, and data integration empower you to work smarter, not harder to boost transparency and community impact. One key example: The public can complete applications for permits and grants more easily, and the same technology accelerates your approval process. 

How Provisio Leverages Public Sector Solutions 

Grants Management: Potential grantees will be thankful for an easier application process. Smart forms guide them from start to finish to help ensure everything is submitted without error. Reviewers are also guided step-by-step through the evaluation process, saving valuable time and energy. A handy status bar keeps applicants updated all along the way, and the same tool helps you monitor the grant through its entire life cycle. Tracking grantee compliance is also streamlined with standardized progress report templates. Finally, harness analytics revealing the impact your dollar has on the community.

Provisio’s Grants Management Success: 

A state’s public arts agency was grappling with a common problem when it began working with Provisio in 2018; a scattered,  inefficient grants management system that was difficult to keep tabs on and burdensome to manage. After Provisio intervened, this agency had an intuitive digital experience platform that simplified the application process for grantees and accelerated the scoring process for staffers. Applicants could follow the evaluation step-by-step in an intuitive portal with a status bar showing exactly what part of the process the grant is in. Changing outdated workflows with automated technology allows staff to accomplish more with less work.

Economic Development: Easily launch multiple background checks to vet funding applicants. Create business milestones for recipients and disburse funds incrementally as those objectives are met. Monitor if recipients are on track to achieve their goals, and view the impact of your funding in different pockets of the region with Salesforce Maps.

Provisio’s Economic Development Success: The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) fosters economic equality across the state by attracting job creators and investing in businesses. However, building thriving main streets can be tedious when all your data is strewn across various dashboards. That’s why Provisio implemented a mobile-friendly Salesforce Sales Cloud to consolidate their data and communications. This allowed them to easily track all business engagement for the department’s Office of Regional Economic Development (RED) and the Office of Minority Economic Empowerment (OMEE). Automated smart forms now also guide businesses through grant application forms.  By centralizing all their information in one place, IL DCEO could analyze, utilize and report its data without hunting for it. Provisio sparked a more effective and impactful IL DCEO, helping foster economic development across Illinois. 

Case Management: Receive a comprehensive view of each case record in a secure portal with search capabilities. Easily monitor progress in a shared database equipped with status updates. Constituents can access the portal too to communicate with case managers and see their whole case history. Finally, detailed analytics break down important trends to help you improve your operation.

Provisio’s Case Management Success: Just about every major city is seeking new, creative ways to help end homelessness. Urban Alchemy is a key non-profit partner on this front in places like San Francisco, Portland and Austin. By offering no-barrier homeless shelters, they foster a sense of independence and ownership to build community for those who live on the streets. Salesforce digitized the entire intake experience, so any staffer can access a guest’s information at any time. They no longer had to dig through an array of Excel files and physical binders to find that person’s records. Provisio also developed a bed visualization tool to help track which beds are occupied and by whom. Meanwhile, Urban Alchemy can now send an alert if a guest does not return within 48 hours. Salesforce also tracks community health. If a new guest is not tested for tuberculosis within seven days, staff receive an alert. Salesforce also helps monitor COVID quarantines by tracking COVID start and end dates. Provisio’s custom Salesforce public sector solutions help Urban Alchemy implement a user-friendly system that more efficiently handles every case that comes through the door. Provisio can implement similar solutions for public sector agencies also battling homelessness.

Emergency Response: Speed up recovery efforts with centralized information about emergency funding in an intuitive portal with e-signature capability. Manage growing information requests with a patchwork of community web portals, chatbots, and a high-volume call center – all in a single integrated location. Easily track the recovery of sick and injured patients and manage their cases consistently. 

Provisio’s Emergency Response Success: A large religious organization needed more efficient ways to coordinate disaster relief with its many member charities. Case-and-point; one California community needed a forklift when disaster struck. The client located one at a Minnesota affiliate and sent it all the way to California, only to later find an affiliate in a neighboring county had a forklift all along. Through Provisio’s Salesforce solutions, the client can keep closer tabs on its available resources nationwide, therefore utilizing them in smarter ways. Provisio also implemented Tableau data visualization to pinpoint high-risk disaster areas on a national map. Through this insightful tool, the client can deploy appropriate resources to the most threatened areas before disaster strikes. These same solutions would fit the needs of public sector agencies working to improve emergency response processes.

A Vast Array of Customized Applications

Provisio is the go-to partner to leverage the features of Salesforce’s Public Sector Foundations, including Application Management, Benefit Management, Case Management, Grants Management and Integrated Eligibility, to provide pre-built solutions in the areas listed below as well or customized solutions in all areas of health and human services.

Provisio’s Unique C.A.U.S.E. Solutions

(Custom Accelerators Utilizing Sector Experience)

  • Workforce Development
  • Housing and Shelter
  • Early Childhood
  • Aging/In-Home Care
  • Child Welfare

Regardless of Use Case, Public Sector Solutions Can Be Expanded with the Following Salesforce Platform Features:

  • CRM Analytics
  • Integration
  • Salesforce Maps
  • Slack
  • Shield
  • Tableau

Contact Provisio Today to Get Started

Provisio stands ready to empower your organization by leveraging the robust capabilities of Salesforce’s Public Sector Solutions. By partnering with us, you can kickstart your innovation journey, streamline your operations, and deliver superior public services. We invite all public sector organizations looking to optimize their processes to get in touch with Provisio today. Let us help you unlock the full potential of Salesforce to drive efficiency, innovation, and excellence in serving your community. Reach out to us to get started or to learn more about how we can support your transformation.

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