Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud: A Classic Combination

Think about some classic combinations. Milk and Oreos. Mickey and Minnie. Pizza and Pineapple. Netflix and Couch. Some things just complement each other perfectly.

Okay, even if you disagree about pizza toppings, please stay with me here.

We know what is guaranteed to become another classic combination: Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. We can’t stop talking about it because it’s not just a perfect combo of two great things. Nonprofit Cloud brings together Program Management, Case Management, Fundraising, and Outcome Management: all in one platform! For those of you who distribute funds or in-kind grants, there is also Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking, which gives you tools to manage the grant lifecycle.

Rather than layering applications on top of Salesforce, Nonprofit Cloud is built into the Salesforce platform itself. We at Provisio are especially jazzed about this because we have actively participated in Salesforce’s Partner Design Program to help build the Nonprofit Cloud solution. After all, we have worked with nonprofits for several years and understand your challenges and opportunities. 

Nonprofit Cloud is designed for better whole-person care, making it easier for you to work with clients, families, healthcare organizations, and community partners to ensure you are making the kind of impact you want to make. 

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud at a Glance

Let’s break it down a little further with some highlights.


Fundraising includes four different apps: Fundraising Strategy, Donor Engagement, Philanthropy & Partnerships, and Fundraising Operations. These will give you a high-level understanding of your fundraising data and activities and increase efficiency. 

Some of the features include the ability to enter single gifts or gifts in batches (we love time-saving options!), create gift commitments, and manage large gift fundraising portfolios.

Program Management 

You need a way to manage and measure your program work. Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud helps you define, deliver, and track all your programs. You can see all your participants, which programs they are enrolled in, and how they are progressing. 

There is so much you can do in NPC: use guided flows to enroll participants, complete assessments, set up care plans, even create classes and take attendance. With a unified view of your participants, you can better support them.

Case Management

Case management automatically integrates with Program Management. Starting with intakes, Nonprofit Cloud allows you to manage the entire case management lifecycle. 

Intakes and Inbound Referrals can be set up as guided flows. A case record connects to a care plan to track your participant’s goals and needs. You can use a care plan template (have we mentioned how much time you will save with NPC?), and then customize the care plan as necessary. 

The Participant Profile shows you a timeline of your participant’s interaction with your organization, key life events, and a map of their relationships with family, employers, and other relevant organizations. The timeline gives you a historical view of your participant’s progress or any obstacles they may be facing, allowing you to be more proactive. 

Outcome Management

The whole point of Outcome Management is to make your strategy actionable. Track and manage the change you want to see with Outcomes. With Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and Outcome Management, define your impact strategy, link it to your programs and services, collect relevant data, track your progress, and evaluate and report on your progress. This is a powerful way to get a comprehensive view of your impact strategy. 

You can use the Outcome Management home page to check if you are on target, see recent results, and manage assessments. 

We at Provisio are so excited to introduce you to this new feature, we are hosting a Tech Trek on August 15th to show it to you! Register for our virtual workshop here

The Bottom Line: Streamline Your Operations with NPC

We talk about this all the time, but it’s worth repeating. With Salesforce, all your client data is stored in a single location. Say goodbye to double or triple data entry; say hello to more streamlined processes and more time with your clients. 

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud will help your team collaborate, gather insights, grow their data confidence, and track metrics. And don’t you deserve that? We think you do.


The Nonprofit Cloud is a comprehensive CRM platform designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. It helps manage relationships, fundraising, programs, and operations efficiently, leveraging Salesforce’s powerful cloud technology.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a comprehensive suite designed for nonprofits, whereas the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a free, open-source app that extends the functionality of Salesforce for nonprofits. NPSP is part of the Nonprofit Cloud, providing core CRM features tailored to nonprofit needs.

Yes, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud can integrate with a wide range of third-party applications and services. This flexibility allows nonprofits to connect their existing tools and data seamlessly into the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud prioritizes security and data protection. It includes robust security measures such as encryption, user authentication, and compliance with industry standards to ensure data privacy and safety.

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