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Describe Your Nonprofit Experience

I started my nonprofit career while I was still in college, spending the summers working at an outdoor recreation program for individuals with developmental disabilities. After completing my undergraduate degree, I worked to support adults with developmental disabilities to live in the community. I used the research from my Master’s thesis to start a pilot program that proved individuals previously considered to require “institutionalization” could live in a house in a neighborhood, shop in their community, engage in recreation and leisure activities in the community and build friendships with their neighbors. I then helped lead a state-wide initiative to assure that people with developmental disabilities are supported to have self-determination in the lives they lead and the services they receive.

Eventually, I moved into consulting with nonprofits and their funders to move away from funding services and towards investing in results. During that time, it became clear to me that being able to easily track data about how programs and organizations engaged with their clients and what impacts resulted from those interactions was a significant barrier. I decided to dedicate my time and energy in helping remove those barriers.

Why are you passionate about human services?

I grew up in a family of 7 children – 3 of whom had life-threatening health disorders, 3 who had learning and educational challenges, and 2 that had significant behavioral and emotional issues (clearly some of my siblings had more than 1 area of need). I watched my parents struggle to meet these needs and saw many systems fail them and a few demonstrate extraordinary commitment to help. I wanted to be part of the solution to assure all families that need assistance get the help they need.

What do you do in your role at Provisio?

At Provisio Partners, I am a Project Manager/Delivery Manager.  When I am wearing my PM hat, I serve as the liaison between the Provisio project team and the client. I work to assure that all members of both teams are in sync with what the project is about and what the roles and expectations are. As the project progresses, I coordinate to assure everyone is aware of their assignments and timelines and that they are staying on track. When we encounter issues, challenges or barriers, I work with the team to identify solutions and take action. A role not dissimilar to the ring leader in a circus!

When I am wearing my DM hat, I support and mentor the other Project Managers at Provisio. I meet with each of them weekly to review their projects and help brainstorm ideas. I support them to identify their professional development goals and work towards meeting them. I also work to assure all PMs are consistently implementing our Project Management approaches and ways of work. The full PM team meets every other week to share learning, discuss pertinent topics and generally support each other.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many smart, dedicated, team-oriented teammates here at Provisio. It absolutely makes my job easier and more enjoyable!

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