5 Tech Issues Organizations Face (That Can Be Solved)!

You might be struggling with several technology issues. Provisio talks to many Health and Human Services organizations, plus many of our team members come from non-profit backgrounds, so we know the challenge is real. Do any of these sound uncomfortably familiar?


Lack of Centralized Data

Look, we aren’t here to judge, but these are some serious questions for you to consider. Are you working off of multiple systems? Maybe even Excel spreadsheets or – gasp – paper? And do you find this system effective? No. No, you do not. Disparate systems lead to inefficiencies and errors.


Ineffective Communication

If you ARE working out of disparate systems, those systems don’t talk to each other, and that leads to the next issue: difficulty communicating within your organization and with your clients and stakeholders. If you aren’t able to access the same information, you do not have the kind of visibility you need into how you are supporting your clients and what you can do better.


Poor Data Quality

With all the manual tracking you might be doing, you probably have duplications, missing information, or other issues that inhibit your ability to understand and report on your data.


Inability to Track Outcomes

This is an issue that compounds. Bad data, lack of communication, and disparate systems don’t allow you to effectively track how you are doing as an organization. Are you meeting your goals? You want to show your funders where you might need more resources as well as the ability to highlight your achievements. These are important metrics for team morale and funder reporting.


Limited Resources

Many organizations feel constrained by their lack of resources today. This might include staff, funding, or time. Organizations are expected to magically do more with less.

Now, what you have been waiting for: the solution! A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can help address these issues. 


CRM Benefits

Provides a centralized database that brings all your data into one place. This will make it easier to manage and analyze your data.

Streamlines communications by providing a single platform for communication and collaboration needs.

Ensures data quality by providing tools for data validation and standardization.

Provides tools for tracking and reporting outcomes so you can evaluate your program effectiveness and make data-informed decisions.

Optimizes your resources by automating processes and reducing manual data entry.

Rest assured, you are not alone! Many organizations like yours have overcome similar challenges. Read their success stories here.

Do you need a technology partner to guide you through a digital transformation that allows you to provide better services to your community? Contact Provisio to see how we might be able to support you!

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