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Earlybird for Head Start Programs

Having program information report data (PIR) around waitlists, funding sources, medical and meal restrictions, well-child visits, family goals tracking, and classroom quality assurance tracking in one location is crucial for any Head Start Program’s success. Developed by Head Start experts, Earlybird is designed to fully manage your program. Earlybird’s program management feature keeps track of your Human Resources reporting helping your team handle onboarding by tracking background checks, certifications, and licensing information.


Earlybird helps Head Start Programs with:

Enrollment & Eligibility

Program Performance Monitoring

Case Management

Classroom Management & Attendance


Enrollment Parent Portal

Earlybird for Head Start Families

With a mission to show growth not only in the child but overall family well-being, Head Start programs have struggled to find a way to easily connect with parents. Earlybird offers an online portal community, the Parent Portal, for communication between families and partners, with 100% robust mobile functionality. Families will finally be able to take a picture of their medical form upon exit of an appointment and upload it directly to the portal, providing your Family Support Team with the most up-to-date or current information available.

Through our Parent Portal, families can:

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Complete & Sign Applications

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Complete & Sign Intake Forms

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Upload Enrollment Certification Documentation

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Complete & Sign Applications