Changemaker Collaborative


A platform for health and human services professionals to spend time sharing and visioning with equally talented forward-thinkers.

You work hard to accomplish a world of good, but we know it doesn’t always come easy. Each organization is unique in their own special way, but there are many sector challenge commonalities you face. 

Why not come together to work through these challenges? Join us on our mission to connect, mind-share, and resolve issues preventing the industry from doing even MORE good. 

What You Can Expect

Peer Collaboration

Networking Events

Insightful Resources

Partnership Building

Better Your Communities by Working Together

Our Promise


We're here to simply provide a platform for you to collaborate. No pushy sales tactics, no high-pressure speeches.


With the resources provided and space to connect, we hope you can build your peer-to-peer connections.

How it Works

The Changemaker Collaborative is a platform to connect, learn, and grow with each other. Nothing more, nothing less.