Senior Solutions Engineer

Provisio Partners is the largest Salesforce consultancy dedicated to human services organizations. We are looking for a mission-driven Senior Solutions Engineer to help provide human services organizations with exceptional technical and data solutions. 

The Senior Solutions Engineer’s primary responsibility will be to support the regional solutions consultants in the sales cycle. Additional support of the sales reps will also be required for larger, more complex opportunities and review of SOWs.


  • Participation in pre-discovery sessions, ensuring that enough detail is gathered about the use case to create a proof of concept demonstration, if applicable, and provide a realistic, informed estimate for implementation
  • Preparation and delivery of proof of concept demonstrations for qualified opportunities
  • Completing an initial draft of a project estimator in conjunction with the solutions consultant. Working with an architect when needed to refine and solidify estimates.
  • Writing concise and clear solution descriptions for inclusion in SOWs
  • Fostering relationships with Salesforce SEs; working with them to understand and validate the proposed solution and licensing
  • Strong understanding of the Salesforce platform and products
  • Maintaining a solid understanding of Provisio’s NCCM Toolkit and Cause Area Extenders
  • Enablement of the Sales team in both technical and functional areas of Salesforce Human Services solutions
  • Continued growth of understanding of key cause areas in the human services space
  • Creation of video content for recorded demonstrations to be used as sales tools for smaller or less complex opportunities. Working with the training team to create and review a polished video catalog.
  • Extension of the capabilities, user interface, reporting and data of Provisio demo orgs
  • Knowledge sharing with the delivery team and Salesforce Development Manager related to trends in the sales process and perceived gaps in the Provisio solution set


  • 3-5 years of experience participating in pre-discovery sessions, gathering details for use cases and providing an informed estimate for implementation
  • 3-5 years of experience with the Salesforce platform and products 
  • Experience collaborating with solutions consultants and solutions architects to write initial drafts of project estimators
  • Adept at preparing and delivering of proof of concept demonstrations for qualified opportunities