Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release Human Services Highlights

The Salesforce Winter ’22 release is here and there are hundreds of new features and enhancements across a variety of Salesforce products and clouds, some of them being brand new!

We were thrilled by all the new features added within Salesforce to optimize the user experience, with updated data security features, enhanced search functionality, reporting additions, financial management updates, and more! We wanted to help you get an inside look at some of our favorite features, so we created a Winter ‘22 release guide tailored explicitly to human services organizations.

Here are the top features we are most excited about in the Winter ’22 release:


Einstein Search Enhancements

Einstein Search enhancement is being offered at no extra cost! This search enhancement provides users faster ways to find and do things on lightning, allowing you to search smarter. You can now get immediate results and quick information!

Custom Filter Logic

Filter smarter with custom filter logic! Users now have updated custom Filter Logic, allowing you to get more granular with filter logic. Now you can include only the rows that you want. Define custom logic filter with parenthesis and the AND, OR, and NOT Boolean operators. For example, 1 AND 2 OR 3.

Tableau Dashboard

Tableau Dashboards just got bigger and better! Tableau’s new chart builder is user-friendly and allows you to add and build beautiful, data-rich charts. Hover over chart elements to reveal rich visualizations and insight cards embedded in the Tooltip with Tooltip enhancements. Before, it was only a custom text and legend, but now you get some rich visual charts making your data more interactive!

Experience Cloud Enhancements

With the Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) Sites, users can utilize Salesforce’s new template-based Microsite to capture user data and create leads without the overhead of developing a complete website! In addition, users can archive sites that are no longer useful, enabling you to free up space to create the websites you need!

With Aura sites, users can quickly build out portals such as Customer Service, Partner Central, and Customer Account Portal with pre-built templates. In addition, this update allows you to use audience demographics as criteria for other audiences. Instead of recreating audience criteria for each site, you can now reuse an audience as criteria in another audience, simplifying your processes and saving you time!

Salesforce Flow

Send outbound messages with Salesforce Flow as an action in Flow Builder. Outbound messages gives you the option to send messages to external services beyond Salesforce. This addition will soon be a go-to automation for admins!

Dynamic Interactions

Simplify the building of complex apps with Dynamic Interactions! This update enables EVERYONE, not just your developers, to wire together components so they can communicate and react to one another in real-time. Even better news, it does not require the same maintenance and updates that custom-coded apps do!

Control Access to Sensitive Data with Restriction Rules

Restriction Rules allow you to add custom filters on a record that appropriate user groups should and should not see. Before Restriction Rules, users could only add-on access on top of the org-wide default. Now, you can get granular with permission sets and data security, making a HUGE difference with sharing record information amongst your team! For example, you decide the fundraising team should not have permission to see a client contact, instead of adding the organization default restriction, apply the Restriction Rule filter.  

We can expect the next release in spring. We are curious to see what Salesforce prepares for us. If you would like to find out about the details of the latest Salesforce update, we encourage you to check out their official release notes.

To learn more about the support Provisio Partners can provide to human services through Salesforce, visit our Solutions page, here.


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