Salesforce Summer’21 Release Highlights

The Salesforce Summer ’21 release is here and there are hundreds of new features and enhancements across a variety of Salesforce products and clouds.

We were blown away by all the new features added within Salesforce to optimize the user experience. We wanted to help you get an inside look at some of our favorite features, so we created a Summer ‘21 release guide for you!

Here are the top features we are most excited about in the Summer ’21 release:

Dynamic Actions Bar for App Page

This new update will let you access all your necessary actions in one action bar. In addition, you can now quickly and easily configure the Dynamic Actions Bar component on your app page with Lightning App Builder.

Inline Editing in Salesforce Reports (Beta)

This one is exciting! Salesforce is now letting you have inline editing in your reports. You now change certain fields without having to leave the report view, allowing you to save time and clicks!  

These changes are available in Lightning Experience in Group, Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions.

Why People love it: Great time saver! Sometimes a list view just won’t do the job and having to sacrifice inline editing by switching to a report was a bummer! 

Provisio Tip: Only available for text, number, and checkbox fields right now, but hopefully will expand in the future. Log a case to have this beta feature enabled in your org.

Download a Dashboard Image to a File

The days of taking a screenshot of your dashboards are gone! You can now easily download dashboards as PNG files letting you share them in your presentations to show your impact. This is in the Lightning Experience only.

Why People love it: While individual charts are great, sometimes you need the impact of a full dashboard to back up a funder report or beef up a board packet.

Provisio Tip: Use the time you saved not having to align screenshots to sip a latte and relax before your presentation!

Save Time with Mass Actions in Split View

This is another update we are excited about. Before you could only complete mass actions in List View but with this new update, you can now complete multiple records at once. As noted in the release, this change applies to Lightning Experience desktop in Developer, Enterprise, Essentials, Professional, and Unlimited editions.

Why People love it: Further improves efficiency by allowing users to act on multiple records at once without opening another page. 

Provisio Tip: Split view will automatically have checkboxes if there’s an action available for all the items in the list. Items also automatically deselect after you apply the action.

See Record Access Reasons in Lightning Experience

Do you need to know why a user on your team might have access to a record, whether it’s their role or responsibility? With Record Sharing Hierarchy in Lightning Experience, you can see what aspect of that user’s setup is granting them access to that record.

Why People love it: What’s there not to love about getting to stay in Lightning to get things done!

Provisio Tip: Schedule time to perform periodic spot checks of key objects to make sure that the right users have access to records.

Control Access to Data with Restriction Rules 

Orgs can now be configured so users can now only see the records necessary to their job. Restriction rules are available for custom objects, contracts, tasks, and events in Lightning. 

Why People love it: There was previously no way to restrict access to records on these objects.

Provisio Tip: This is a beta service that you must contact Salesforce to enable. Rules are created using Tooling API or Metadata API and are limited to two rules per object in Enterprise Edition.


Please note that it’s best practice to test the new Summer ’21 features in a sandbox environment with any new enhancement. 


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