Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Highlights

The Salesforce Spring ’21 Release is live! The published Release Notes for Spring ’21 unpack hundreds of new features and enhancements across all Salesforce products.

As a Salesforce Premium Partner, we were blown away by the number of new features added within Salesforce, all designed to optimize the user experience. Salesforce Admins and end-users will love these new additions, including the release of dynamic forms, dynamic actions, manual sharing, and tools such as In-App Guidance. To help you explore the latest enhancements of the Spring ’21 Release, we’ve put together a detailed set of highlights of the new standout features.

Here’s a quick overview of the 5 top features in the Spring ’21 release.


Record-Triggered Flow now has Time-based Flow Actions

With Record-Triggered Flow, you can now set time-based actions, similar to Process Builder. From there, you can configure multiple scheduled paths. Note: Lightning Flow has been renamed to Salesforce Flow, which incorporates a set of features that includes Process Builder & Flow.

Provisio Tip: If you haven’t gotten on the Flow train, now is the time! Salesforce is moving away from Process Builders and Workflow Rules, so this is your best tool to manage all automations. We’ve done a lot of cool things with Flow, and we’d be happy to help you get up to speed!


Prior Value in Record-Triggered Flows

Accessing prior values of records has been available to developers through Apex forever, but it’s finally available to Flows. Now we can see and use the Old Values (old field values) of the Record that fired the Flow and Compare old and new values of record in Record Triggered Flows. Prior Values will be especially helpful when working with Multi-Select Picklist fields.


Schedule Surveys in Flow Builder

With new Flow Builder actions, Salesforce Users can send surveys to gather participant feedback at various stages using a flow. Users can target specific participants, send reminders to complete surveys, and verify which participants to invite again. With Salesforce Surveys, Users can now target leads, contacts, and all members of your Salesforce Org. Survey invitations can be unique and unauthenticated for specific recipients while also having the ability to record responses anonymously.


Monitor Login Metrics

Salesforce Users now have full access to insights to find who and how frequently users log into their Org. For training and user adoption purposes, you can monitor and understand which staff members are utilizing and making the most out of your CRM, Salesforce.

Provisio Tip: Single sign-on (SSO) is a great option for many organizations to keep things simple for their users. Using this new feature will allow you to enable SSO with peace of mind. You can check the Login Metrics regularly to monitor for anything that looks unusual.

Control Manual Sharing

Salesforce Users have faced challenges when granting access to one record due to accessibility complications; Users could have full access to all associated records on file. With the Spring ’21 Release, Salesforce Manual Sharing is now available! Users can control every record, account, and contact accessed by individual users, groups, and specific roles. Four access levels determine access provided to Users including, Full Access, Read/Write, Read-only, and Private.

Please note that it’s best practice to test the new Spring ’21 features in a sandbox environment with any new enhancement. 

Click here to view Salesforce’s Spring ’21 Release in a Box for a full guide, presentation deck, helpful links, and additional information on the new release. Learn how to make the most of Salesforce’s latest release with the Spring ’21 Release Overview, full of Demo’s, Release Notes, Trailheads, and more!

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