Our Passion for Early Learning Programs & the Industry’s Newest Solution, Meet Earlybird.

Our Passion for Early Childhood Education

Provisio Partners has a passion for early childhood education, and we’ve worked with educational organizations and nonprofits since day one.  We understand the unique processes, common challenges and proven solutions that help these organizations operate more efficiently and accomplish their missions because our team members have ‘first-hand, real world experience’. ​​

Combined, our team has over 50 years of experience in early childhood, including teaching for local early Head Start programs, overseeing Family Engagement and Enrollment for Early Learning programs, setting strategic policy direction for state-wide early childhood programs and universal city-wide programs, managing Early Learning Councils and stakeholder groups, and more! 

Supportive Technology Specifically Built for Early Childhood Programs

Understanding the incredibly difficult obstacles early childhood and educational programs face, we set-out on a mission to develop a solution that would automate processes, making program and family engagement workers’ lives easier, while also impacting the lives they’re serving within their communities. 

Now, we support early childhood programs across the country to reach their goals with a solution specifically built to help young learners and their families. Earlybird can help Head Start programs to run operations efficiently, report on impact, and ensure compliance with Head Start standards. Earlybird can serve as the one source of truth for your early learning program.

Fully Manage Your Early Childhood Program with Earlybird

Developed by Head Start experts, Earlybird is built on the Salesforce platform and Experience Cloud and designed to fully manage your early childhood programs.  Earlybird helps organizations  track data around waitlists, funding sources, medical and meal restrictions, well-child visits, family goals tracking, and classroom quality assurance. 

Below are a few of the benefits that Earlybird provides:


To Learn More about what Earlybird can do for your Head Start program, Visit Us Here.


Meet a few of our staff members who have dedicated years working within the space to provide better care and services to our youngest learners and their families.

Fiona Anderson

Fiona worked in Early Childhood for over five years, leading an effort to increase access to programs and services for young children. She directed the SMILE Oral Health Project: a statewide pilot integrating oral health care into early childhood through education. In addition, Fiona managed the work of the Access Committee of the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development’s Early Learning Council and the Mayor’s Office’s Universal Cost Model Project by creating work plans, managing committee members, engaging stakeholders, and identifying solutions-based work to create universal preschool in Chicago.

Jennifer Tweed

Jen was a lead teacher at a nonprofit preschool in Minnesota for more than seven years, responsible for creating lesson plans and incorporating age-appropriate social and academic lessons for students from 2 to 5 years old. In addition, she assisted in revising the curriculum to meet accreditation standards and Minnesota state standards and standardize the process for all age levels. 

Kim Collins

Kim has over ten years of experience setting strategic policy direction for early childhood programs in Illinois and Wisconsin. She managed the Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge implementation while serving as the Chief of Staff for the Office of Early Childhood Development. She piloted the first early childhood capital construction program. Kim built coalitions across state government agencies to align previously disjointed early childhood services and directed the restructuring of the Early Learning Council to align complex and siloed private and public agendas and launched a nonprofit’s first direct service program – Head Start.

Kellie Trepkowski 

Kellie spent five years working for Art With a Heart teaching free art lessons to 3-5-year-olds, leading a class called Fun Fantasy. Fun Fantasy helped children explore their imagination by creating art that helped them express themselves in fun and age-appropriate ways.

Frank DiBartolomeo

Frank was the Executive Director for Child and Family Connections (CFC) Program Region #15 for over seven years, responsible for improved outreach to the public for their services. CFC is the first contact and service coordination for the state’s Early Intervention Program to help children with physical and speech deficits in their growth from ages 0-3.


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