Natalie Mean

Natalie is a Consultant for Provisio Partners; she has several years of experience in various IT roles working in organizations that support clients in local and global education, healthcare, life sciences, business advisory, enterprise analytics solutions, food and beverage manufacturing and telecommunications industries. She has been involved in several digital transformation initiatives and projects over the past 15+ years in project manager, application administrator, and business analyst roles.

Natalie is a Certified Salesforce Administrator and has certifications as a Scrum Master and Product Owner and applies an agile mindset both professionally and personally. She is passionate about initiatives that help people use technology for good and enjoys educating seniors, students and children with tools and resources to help empower them.

Natalie earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She served in the United States Air Force Reserve as a Personnel Specialist and as an Information Management NCOIC (Technical Sergeant) in the Illinois Air National Guard for 9+ years. She currently resides just outside of Chicago, Illinois and enjoys spending time at the beach or nature reserves with her husband and two daughters. Natalie also often volunteers her extra time with charities that help end hunger, provide assistance to seniors, and homeless shelters or refugees in need.