Dreamin’ in Color: A Reflection

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend my first Salesforce conference. The inaugural Dreamin’ In Color conference was extraordinary in every way! For a little bit of background, Dreamin’ in Color is a conference geared towards current or aspiring Black Salesforce professionals to discuss how to succeed, overcome obstacles and grow thriving careers and businesses in the Salesforce ecosystem.

The conference was planned and facilitated around the Kwanzaa principle “Ujima,” translated as “collective work and responsibility,” with the goal of uplifting our community. 

We networked, learned, danced, celebrated, and also processed the realities of being a black professional.  Although it was my first time encountering everyone at the conference, I couldn’t help but notice that our shared profession and the similarities of our experiences, lived from the lens of being black, uniquely created an atmosphere where it felt that no one was a stranger!

The positive interactions, affirmations, acceptance, and kindness that was infused in our interactions created a productive and safe space.  I concur with others who attended: the goal of the conference was achieved!

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